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blues blues blues


How is everyone doing? Yes I know I have been unusually quiet and yes I am still blaming my lack of internet in my flat, exams and my new priority but hey… My internet router got delivered yesterday but I wasn’t home so I shall be picking it up on Thursday and all should be well with the world again. Just that I am off to Edinburgh again on easter Monday for another round of exam a week after. It is well… The lord is my strength.

So what has everyone been up to? Any plans for the summer? Any holidays springing up anywhere? I need a holiday o! As in seriously, my holiday to naija has evaporated. I need something fresh! I initially wanted to go to the states to visit my aunt and my lil cousin is who is now 2+! I mean the last time I saw her, shehad no teeth, couldn’t talk or walk and now she has it all! I bet she doesn’t remember me. I need to go and show face again. Slight problem is, my american visa has expired and I haven’t had time to re-apply, so who knows? Maybe after this exam is done I will be able to reapply and go before my next stint in Edinburgh in July. Imagine I will be up there again July – September! God is my strength! Lol I pretty much do not have a summer this year. At least all things going well, after september I should have 1 more exam left and that would be the end of me blogging about exams! Lol aren’t you pleased?

So my come dine with me was on Saturday!!!! It was a lot of stress, as in never again am I cooking or making a 3 course meal for 9 people! To think I invited 14 people and 5 couldn’t come. Imagine if they came?! That would have been crazy. Like most of you know, CDWM was planned last year… and it was a good way for my friends to meet DT too. The run up to the day I had mixed feelings about, partly excited and partly nervous as to how the whole day would go. Turned out I had nothing to worry about. I made the starter we learnt in cooking class, with some help from DT lol he was in charge of the designing of the pastry and I was in charge of baking and filling it. Loads of team effort which eased the stress of the day.

So my menu was:


Stuff tart with caramelised red and yellow peppers topped with pancetta

Main course

Asaro (yam pottage) with stewed roasted lamb


Lemon cheesecake with mixed berries sauce

I had to get some nigerian dish in there somehow. I must say I didn’t come up with the idea but it worked. Everything tasted fabulous but my friends loved the cheese cake best! For my first attempt I guess that is my proudest achievement food-wise. The whole evening was worth it. We rounded up the day by playing a game called ‘taboo’ which was fun too. I will put up the pictures soon.

Today is my last day in the office till I go off on study leave. Bitter-sweet… but hey, I have an exam to pass. We’ll see how that goes. The aim for the rest of the week and easter holiday is to study like no man’s business. I hope I actually get to do that.

Till I blog again, have a fabulous week and a great easter. Xxx

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6 thoughts on “blues blues blues

  1. Jadesola on said:

    Waoh! Cooking for 9people! Well done and all the best in your exams.

    • Thank you! I think its one of those things I can say I have been there done that and not doing again lol. Cooking a big pot of jollof rice for a party I can do that but 3 course meal never again, at least I won’t be doing it without help from people. It was fun sha I must say. I recommend it lol. X

  2. You sure have a busy life!

    Goodluck in all your exams.

    Save journey also.

    Cooking is no joke..either for one or ten persons..nah work! :)))

    • Na real work o!! Lol thank you. Ko easy, but I have to keep myself busy even though I have been told I need to take a break now and again, even my body is beginning to lament.

  3. Good job with the cooking.
    I’m sure it was worth the effort

    I love entertaining – you cant beat good food and good company

    Good menu. I loooove lamb….but I dont like yam (too heavy for me).
    Good job

    • heheheh thank you!!! definitely good company. Funny thing is i love yam but i don’t eat it ofte enough. I love it most when it is fried dry and seasoned with salt, pepper, maggi and blended crayfish!

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