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I am a very pathetic young lady full stop! So I nearly shed a few tears at the airport today while saying bye to DT. Its just really sad. What is wrong with me?! I am not even going anywhere far, just to Edinburgh, less than 2hours away by air, for just under 2 weeks! All I know was… my voice kept catching, a little tightness in my chest and stinging eyes and I knew erm.. I am going to cry. But I didn’t, so I am slightly normal.

Anyway, I am at the airport now, en-route to Edinburgh. I am happy that the when I come back to London next week, I’ll be one exam lighter (which I pray I pass) and I’ll have another 6/7weeks before I return to Edinburgh again. I am sad because I hate exams, they just weight be down and the last thing I want to think about in this beautiful weather is EXAMs! Plus when I’m in my ‘dreamy mode’ it makes me feel guilty!!

Plane about to take off.. So yea, safe journey to me and you all enjoy what is left of the bank holiday. Xxx

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7 thoughts on “Bitter….sweet

  1. Yes, safe journey.

    hate exams? i refuse to believe that ooo……the way you read & blast them all..says different…, eya…its understandable…..take care.

  2. All the best in your exams, and the coming ones. You just reminded me of my years in Edinburgh.

  3. All the best with your exams
    I’m sure you’ll do great

  4. Beautiful on said:

    eyah pele…but its over two weeks and you aren’t back!

    Ermmm…I did something a little stupid and need your email to tell you what I did. Pls get back to me asap.

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