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The love timeline

Hi all!

Exam over for now. Thank God for the paper, I get my results in July and by his grace it will be good news.

I am been AWOL for a bit too long. It really was a mixture of writers block, laziness, distractions and now that I have no studying to do for a while, I have become very acquainted with my television. Watching the likes of ‘the big bang theory’, catching up on ‘grey’s anatomy’ and ‘vampire diaries’, not to forget, I am absolutely loving the current season of ‘the apprentice’. Have I mentioned that work as been manic as well? Well, I tell you for free, work has been CRAZY, but still enjoying it, just need more of me to get things done.. and while we are at it, a pay rise as well :p.

So… why does the title of my blog have the word love in it? The simple answer is because I am all loved up. At the moment, I seem to just want to talk about my special someone all the time… DT (who is great by the way.. thanks for asking :p) and just want to discuss at length with people who are married or are dating just to get heads up on things and situations and their experiences or maybe I just like gist. Before you shout me down, I know for a fact that no two relationships are the same but from experiences in other aspects of my life, hearing about other people’s experiences usually provides me with an unprecedented insight into situations.

Let me ask you this question, can you put a time limit on love? Is it ever too early to say you love someone or to realise you love someone? If you are convinced you love someone, have you ever cautioned yourself not to say anything because it is too early?

Okay too many questions. I have had this debate with friends for as long as I can remember and I believe you can’t place a timeline on love. I agree that the word has been dragged in the mud and people say it as the wish with little regard as to whether or not they mean it.

If you don’t love a person, why do people sometimes feel the need to say they do? Plus I have also experienced situations where for example the girl tells the guy she loves him but he doesn’t say he loves her back. This also happens sometimes with the guy saying he loves the girl first. What I don’t understand is why whoever says it first has issues with the other not saying ‘me too’ or ‘I love you too’. I mean, they have a right to their feelings.. no? If they love you too they will say they love you too and if they don’t, do not be offended. Either wait patiently till they do or pack your bag and go. Don’t moan and start giving attitude. I will rather a guy takes his time to let me know he loves me when he is sure and certain he does than to say it for saying sakes because we have been dating for so long or because I was sulking but that’s my opinion.

Anyway, time it go to bed now. Hopefully my next blog will be better thought out and put together.. a bit all over the place today but I am back :)!

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