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Showers of advice

I am back to my walk-ka walk-ka again. I got so stressed during the week because i had double booked myself this weekend and wasn’t too pleased about it.

The original plan was this:

Friday: Go to Versace’s house and make the cheese cake for her sister’s bridal shower for Saturday, spend the night, help setup and then dash back to croydon

Saturday:  Go for church core leaders meeting (9:15am – 12noon) and then run to east london for what is left of the bridal shower as it was due to start at 11am

Sunday: Church and shop for a dress to wear for the wedding on Wednesday (i know left it too late!!)

Monday: Go to the airport to welcome DT back ( i have missed my baby mehn) and then go for a friend’s birthday do.. then travel back to my village, Reading.

Then on Wednesday, my beloved cousin text me to let me know I have to pick him up from Victoria station on Friday evening as he was coming home for halfterm. I love my cousin to bits but I have told that boy to let me know in advance, at least a week in advance, so I can plan around him etc but does he listen no!

This basically meant I couldn’t go to Versace’s house anymore and I couldn’t help set up etc, I was a bit disappointed because we had been talking about the bridal shower since I can remember and what we will do. As I live in Reading, there wasn’t much I could do per say to help and I was looking forward to helping out with the last minute teething issues. Anyway, my whining aside, I pick up my cute cousin, took him home and then began on the cheese cake immediately and put in the fridge to be transported in the morning.

I felt so blessed being at the church’s core leaders meeting. I must say it was a privilege. I have recently been made one of the core leaders as I co lead the youth (13yrs – 20yrs). During the discussions, I made up my mind that I had to manage my time more efficiently and streamline my activities to a sustainable level. Long story short is I was blessed and I have even put myself forward to manage the visiting members of our church. This is to be discussed with the pastor tomorrow, we’ll see.

So… I got to the bridal shower eventually and luckily, the bride-to-be had not arrived so I didn’t miss much. The theme was breakfast at tiffany’s and it was truly beautiful.

Other than opening the gifts and the bride looking embarrassed when she is made to hold up her gift (mostly very revealing lingerie) and take a picture with the person who gave it to her, my favourite section of bridal showers is ‘advice time’. I am not sure if this is done in all bridal showers but this is where all the attendees are asked to give the bride a word of advice.

I just find it very interesting the kind of advice people give. Trust me, I am a sucker for advice. Obviously, I don’t put to practice what everyone says, but it is just good to get an insight into things people have been through and so on and attempt not to make the same mistakes. I particularly love hearing from the married women, after all, they have been there done that and are wearing the t-shirt.

The general advice that came from the married ladies was generally…. make love to your husband as often as you can and pray together as these two acts keep you intimate and spiritually one. Another common advice was communication and making sure you don’t let yourself go. But one point a married lady made was that if you look a divorced ladies, you will notice that some of them groom themselves from head to toe and can cook but that did not help save their marriage. So the most important amongst other things is to pray and be very close to God.

She went on to say how marriage isn’t all rosy and there will be tough times, especially as you are co-habiting with another person, you will just have to learn to hold on to baba God and call on him when you need him.

Someone else also advised that the bride should not discuss matters in her house with her friends and family. Now this advice I have a problem with because i don’t know how to keep things like that to myself, I always have to discuss with at least one person to get some perspective.  This is not to say I will go and tell every tom dick and harry what my husband did. I think it is healthy to discuss some aspects with a ‘mentor’, preferably an older married couple who are the same religion as you are. But this is my opinion though, I wonder what yours are…

I also love the part where they ask the bride questions about the groom and she has to get the answers right…. *sigh*… although I am not so giddy about actually getting married… (dont get me wrong, I want to but its a bit scary.. this warrants another blog), I am looking forward to my bridal shower. Seeing as I have no sisters, I hope my friends represent and have all the games I like.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.


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4 thoughts on “Showers of advice

  1. I’m praying for your own Bridal Shower soon oh LOL
    Anyway, regarding marriage…people overcomplicate things. The secret is to be sensible – in your choice of partner, in how you comport yourself, in your demands on yourself & on your husband etc etc
    Marriage is not easy….Neither is earning a living.
    Everything in life requires common sense
    Stay blessed

  2. I also love advice at briday showers, I write them down, just in case 🙂

    Hmmmm, I don’t like how you are keeping all details of you and oyour baby private, pls o, we want more!

    • Lol @ pretty lashes! Hmmm… What can one say. At the moment I am just enjoying it jare. Don’t worry when I start talking you people will beg me to shut up 😉 watch this space!

      Maybe I should start writing down too o! Hmm.. xx

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