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What is in my bag?

Naijamum tagged me in the latest ‘My bag meme’ trend, not quite sure what meme means but I am taking part anyway.

The idea really is to take a picture of your bag and its content and I guess say a little bit about your bag and its content. So here it goes…

This is my ‘vintage pass down from my mother’ louis vuitton bag. My mum has had this bag since I can remember, I am talking at least 10 years now. The thing is, I don’t know how to buy expensive bags for myself, I just can’t justify it, no matter how much I love the bag. So when I went home (Nigeria) for christmas, I discovered my mum’s hideaway for all her lovely bags and I did what every good child will do. I asked her to give me a couple.. instead of helping myself to some. The only one she could bear to path with was this one as she has had it for so long. You will soon come to find that anything good I have, my mum gave it to me!

1. a novel:  I always have a  novel in my bag to read on my bus ride to work or train ride to London. I just love reading novels. At the moment I am into James Patterson as I have read all of Sidney Sheldon’s books. If you can recommend any other crime fiction author, I will be happy to check them out.

2. an umbrella: In the UK it always rains. You will be silly not have an umbrella in your bag. I used to have a black small umbrella but managed to lose it one day somewhere somehow. Coincidentally a friend came to spend the night at mine and forgot her cute lilac umbrella in my house and I told her to forget about it. Let’s just say I haven’t gotten round to buying myself another umbrella.. after all, this one hasn’t spoilt.

3. hair brush: Let’s just say there is always one in my bag, but with premium now and premium too weave-on.. my hair still manages to look like a nest sometimes. In the middle of the office sometimes, I bring out my hair brush out of frustration and brush the living day light out of its tangled behind. I am slowly warming up to human hair. Either that or stick to braids only.

4. work staff pass: Without this pass I cannot get into the office and I will lose out on my free lunch :), we don’t want that now do we? Having said that, it has a really hideous photo of me.. I wish I had the chance to change it, unfortunately, no can do, that picture will remain with me for the rest of my KPMG life.

5. bunch of keys: I am a silent keyholder collector. Well, not really, I just happen to be in possession of a few key holders. I don’t have  alot of keys to be honest, just my flat keys, post box key and work desk key. But it sure does look like I have a lot more than that.

6. pain killers: What will I do without them! I am usually fine but at a particular time of the month…. oh lalalalalalala I am always doubled up in pain and sometimes I have to go home sick. In fact, we had a guest pastor in church today and he was prophesying after the service about someone who has really bad pains during her monthly cycles and God wants to relive the person of that pain and mehnnn I was quick to scream AMEN.. not out loud though :p inside my head I was jumping around in FAITH screaming amen. lool The pain is just horrible jare, to think that labour pain is worse…hmm na only God go sabi how he go hold me.

7. hand cream: My loyal tube of hand cream! It always comes in very handy. I mean, I am always washing dishes or doing things that require washing my hands and I have really dry skin so I always use my hand cream.

8. Perfume: behind my hand cream is a bottle of perfume which is not very visible, thanks to my lack of picture taking skills. It is Chloe by Chloe. Love it.. once again, my mum had a bottle, tried hers, loved it and asked her for it and she gave me ella so I bought my own 🙂

9. camera: I love taking pictures, I am sometimes called paparazzi because my camera is always clicking, after church, at nights out, at home, playing monopoly etc. I love keeping memories, especially photographic ones. Unfortunately, DT doesn’t share this passion with me. Lol, we have a few pictures together and a few of him, but I am not allowed to publicise them. Working on that ;).  I mean even on facebook he didn’t change his facebook display pictures for years. I hear some of you say what is the big deal but I change mine at least once a month.. not like I time it or anything.

10. my pink bag of lips goodies: I  have 3 victoria’s secret lip gloss.. they are absolutely delightful, the good old vaseline, depending on the mood of my lips, they may want some vaseline grease. I also have 4 lipstick colours, 3 of which DT’s sister gave me (amongst other things) when we visited her. I hardly wear lipstick but it depends on the occassion and my mood as well. I know they add a bit of vavavoom when you wear them with some outfits.

11. bible: The metal case behind my pink bag of lip goodies is my lovely bible. I don’t read it half as much as I do, but when I do, there is always something that keeps me going in there. It was a gift from my lovely friend, Vesarce.

12. make-up bag: The green bag with flowery pattern is my good old make-up bag. Not much in it, just my mac studio fix, blusher, blusher brush, eyeliner, eye shadow-s, mascara and other bits and bobs. I hate wearing make-up because 1. I touch my face too much and so my papers at work end up turning brown and also 2. my eyes are very sensitive so when I apply eye liner or my mascara, my eyes tear up like i am crying and I have learnt to come up with tactical ways to wipe my tears without spoiling my make-up.

13. wallet: my red Louis vuitton wallet. Yes you got it right, I got it from my mum. I told her over christmas I needed a new wallet and my lovely mother went into her room and found this wallet she no longer needs. I have told her that when she is finished using all her wallets and bags etc she should feel free free to pass them back to me. After all, I am her only daughter.

14. sun glasses: I finally joined the ray bans wagon and got myself a pair as a Christmas gift to myself. I haven’t regretted the buy since then. I feel and look cool in them if I may say so myself. LOL

15. hand sanitiser: Last but not the least, hand sanitiser. It comes in useful in this contaminated world :p

So yea.. there you go.. these are the content of my bag on a normal day

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8 thoughts on “What is in my bag?

  1. I can tell you’re close to your mum
    Tres sweet

    Re: Painkillers….My sincere sympathies re ‘time of month’. I used to be the same but childbirth cured me of that. I guess once my body went through the trauma of childbirth, the shock made that pain disappear. LOL

    Thanks for doing this. I can tell you have a sense of humour and you are keen on self development.

    Have a blessed and fruitful week

    • lol @ the shock making it go away… in that case I await the shock. Iam very keen on self development, its one thing I hope I never give up on.

      Yea myself and my mum are somewhat close, but I still feel shy discussing a few things with her but I have learnt to realise she is my best friend :).

      Hope you are enjoying your bank holiday weekend. One more to come after this before christmas! x

  2. S.Charles on said:

    umm that is a lot of stuff in one bag…lol…then again who am I to speak …u may find a mini-sewing kit in mine *covers face*

  3. Did all those things really come from that bag? I always have a novel in my bag too. But most times I end up people watching on the train and bus.

  4. That bag must be more of a tote, it looked small in the pic as if it couldn’t hold much. Nice looking though. I used to borrow a lot of stuff from my mum and elder sister too, they’re more fashionable and stylish and I want it to rub off on me, lol…

    • I wish I had a sister you know so the contents of my wardrobe can double lol. I’ll literally be shopping in her wardrobe, that is if she is fashionable. An older sister preferably… *sigh* wishful thinking

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