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Day dreaming…

It is 2:15pm and it has been a long busy day at work already. So many deadlines to meet, every manager in the building seems to need something from me and now. I wonder if they think I have more than the pair of hands they can see dangling from my scrawny body.

When I started this job, I had just broken up with my long term boyfriend and it was a tough time. I was quite happy to get lost in the world of the corporates. It was busy so I did not have to remember I was single. I worked every single hour I had because it made me happy and got me distracted.

However, every now again the fact I am single and approaching the wrong side of my twenties made me wonder if I will ever meet ‘him’ and get married. Will I ever have the little family I have always dreamt about? Will we live in the little but big enough house for the four of us with the average sized all purpose garden at the back; my little girl and boy, or two boys / two girls, playing together as best friends while myself and my husband watch the beautiful children we brought into the world from the kitchen with a satisfying smile on our faces.

On Saturday mornings, will I have the opportunity to wake up early in the morning to get breakfast ready and then wake up Damisi to get him ready for his under 13 football practice? Drive him to the local park and sit on the benches, watching him intently and proudly with my camcorder switched on waiting for him to score his first goal. As I sit there patiently and willing him to do his best, will I remember to wear an encouraging smile just in case he looks at me?

On Sunday evenings when I get the kid’s school bags ready and look at our schedules for the week, will I have the opportunity to look at my husband over the dinner table and say to him “honey, i have a client meeting tomorrow and won’t be back till 7pm, do you mind taking Nifemi for her ballet class?”

After putting the kids to bed, will I remember to make sure I have enough energy for my husband and I still have some listening capacity in my head for ‘our’ time. Listen to his goals and aspirations? Will I remember to encourage him and stand by him despite the situation we are in. Will I be able to be there for him when he feels broken and deflated and put his head on my bosoms to let him cry, give him a big hug to assure him we are a team and together we can conquer the world? When he is over the moon and ecstatic about a new deal he saw through, will I be waiting for him at home with a bottle of champagne or something to celebrate with him and plant a huge kiss on his lips? Will I remember to remind him that he is great?

Will I be a patient wife and mother, quick to listen but slow to speak? Will I be able to choose my battles wisely? Will I remember to put God first in all that we do in our personal lives and a family. Will I be able to bring up my children in the way of the lord and have them remember he will always be there for them in every situation.

*sigh* I digress…. back to the main point of my day dream…

Just when I began to get used to the single world again, every friend of mine is trying to hook me up with the next guy they see, not even having the decency to make sure that he is a sensible man or that he fits the man in my dreams. Imagine the other day, Tito gave this guy my blackberry pin and while we were getting to know each other, he asked me what I did, like any one would. Before I could answer, he goes “please tell me you work in Burger King” and I thought to myself, RIGHT.. I am university graduate with a masters degree from a top 10 university in the world at 25 and you expect me to work in burger king??! I really shouldn’t be talking to you right now.

The other guy Shalewa introduced to me just couldn’t stop saying “Wow” to everything I said.  I mean,  okay I appreciate that you think I great but you should stop wowing and Wow me instead. To think these two examples are the least of the other atrocious experiences I have had, thanks to matchmaking.  So you can see that my friend’s are not exactly great at matchmaking. I just want them to leave me to my own devices jare. After all, I am not ready for a relationship… or am I?

I really can’t answer that question, but what I know is this, till I meet him, whoever he is, I shall be preparing myself and making myself the one for him. Oh yes, that’s what Pastor Shade was teaching us at the singles conference last weekend. It never dawned on me you know. I just always used to think and day dream about how I wanted my man to be perfect and I had my list. It never occurred to me that my Mr Right might have a list as well and I might not meet his criteria. She also taught us that our single-hood is a gift. I struggled with that one but I see her point. One step at a time, I will get there.

I can’t believe it is 4:30pm already, 30 minutes till I go home and I have hardly done any work. After all they encourage us to think outside the box which is what I have spent the last few hours doing. Unfortunately my thinking wasn’t work related. Oh well…


This was my very random stab at fiction.. let me know what you think. I don’t plan on becoming a writer but feedback will be appreciated for me to improve for you guys.

I have a lot of stuff going on in my head and it will be good to be able to vent via ‘fiction’ and give stories an ending I wish they could have.. or share some experiences I want to add salt and pepper to with you guys.

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4 thoughts on “Day dreaming…

  1. I wasnt too sure whether this was fiction or real ilfe..Nice

    My two-pence: As a short story, I feel it was a tad too short. I would have liked a stronger ending.

    Quite a lot of time was spent on her reverie and I would have preferred half-reverie, half-present.

    Keep on writing. Talent is a blessing xoxoxoxo

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and i’m loving it. We have so much in common its almost spooky. The contents of your bag for example was almost identical to mine, Lol.

    Like naijamum, I also really like they way you started the story. I do think the character rambled a tad bit too long though about her “future family”

    A really nice story non the less

    • Hiya!!! Thanks for stopping by! Are you serious.. As in we have things in common.. That’s interesting, anyway feel free to share as they come to you!

      noted your feedback… I am actually quite excited about this.. Will see where this fiction thing ends up! X

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