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Food + Family + Love

Hi fellow bloggers and blog readers. How are you all doing?

I don’t know if I told y’all but Mama J (not that I call her that) is in town!!!!!! My mum being in town means we get to cook proper Nigerian food and I get a really cool gift and we gist and catch up on quality time we have spent apart.

Let’s start with the cooking.

As she is only spending 3 nights of her short trip here with me (2 down, to go 😦 ), when I got back from work yesterday, we both went to one of those indian shops you can buy Nigerian food stuffs from. Bought some palm oil, egg plant (igba), tatashe (bell peppers), rodo (scotch bonnet), lamb, yam (5 pounds worth! Don’t even get me started!), efo (spinach) etc etc basically what we needed to cook up a feast.

I especially wanted egg plant stew for some reason because I recently remembered that being a saturday breakfast staple at some point growing up. All you need to do is boil the egg plant till its very soft, peel the skin and mash it. In the meantime, fry the stew / sauce or whatever, add some crayfish, dried fish and meat (if you wish). When the stew / sauce is dry, add your egg plant. Let it simmer and absorb as such of the stew as it can and viola! I think it is best eaten with boiled yam. It is a very local dish, so I am told by my mum but it is yum. A bit bitter but yum nonetheless. Had some more for breakfast this morning, couldn’t resist it.

I also made Efo to prove to my mum I can cook! My mum doesn’t still believe. I promise you next time I see her she will say the same thing. After all the cooking we settled down to our lovely feast and saved the rest for today. I shall be indulging in some Eba when I get back home.

Now, on a normal day / week or month, my dad calls me occasionally, but when his wife (my mama) is in town, OH BOY! He will call and call and call (not like I’m complaining). Half of the time he is asking for his wife back, which I think is really sweet. He will usually either ask me to pay a fine for having my mum for so long or tease that he’ll ask her to come back home tomorrow because she has spent enough time with me. That is when I remind him that I am her only daughter so quality time is essential and then we laugh it off.

I remember last year when my mum was around and staying with me. I asked her in the morning if she wanted to keep the keys as I did not have spares. She said no that she will be home after me. Big mistake! Lol because there was loads of traffic and she ended up having to wait in the cold. Oh did I get an ear full from my dad? I did! From me starving my mum to me locking her out of the house etc etc. It wasn’t funny then, but now I look back and think.. *sigh* soo sweet, husband and wife, 27 years later, still in love. Oh and I got another bag 🙂 *thank you mummy*

It was during this cooking feast that I was talking to DT and he was saying and teasing (I hope) about how he doesn’t like pounded yam made on hob and prefers motar pounded yam.. I pretty much just laugh. I sabi pound yam, but in this country?? Not happening. He went to tease about how he doesn’t eat stew that is more than a day old… Which made me laugh even more. This I know for sure he was kidding. He then told me about this lady he knew growing up and how she had to make stew for her husband literally everyday and carry the whole pot of stew to the table for him to pick what he wants. Oh I forgot to mention that she served him while on her knees. I was like ahhh… RiGghhhht and then to add salt to wound, he concluded that, he whole cooking and gesture of respect did not save the marriage. I was a bit pissed for the woman sha, but DT made a good point. He asked whether I expected a man who requires all that from his wife to be normal or to be someone who can ever be satisfied? You tell me!

Anyway enough of the food and family love….

Once again, I didn’t tell you guys I was at a wedding on Wednesday! Oh lalalalallalala! It once again gave me reinforced my fairytale beliefs!!!!

So the bride is my good friend’s sister and the groom.. I have come to know over time from hanging out at my friend’s place and visiting their church a few times. Both of them are very God fearing #fullstop.

You could tell their pastor had a very soft spot for them. The wedding sermon was somewhat personalised and very relevant. Enjoyed that as well. In fact it made me start thinking about the fact that it would be nice to get married by my pastor but seeing as I would most likely be getting married in Nigeria, I doubt that will be the case. Not just too pleased about having to go to my old church, pastor or vicar or whoever not having known me, knows nothing about my life or whether or not I am a christian but yet get married by him *sigh*.. I guess it can’t all be perfect, something has to give.

Anyway, the wedding and reception were in Essex and the reception venue was just simply marvellous. It took forever to find a dress to wear but when I did, it was just perfect! Found this lovely dress in this clothing store called ‘Joy’.

The reception was held in this place called Boreham House. If you have a minute to spare, just google Boreham house and click on images. Very and extremely picturesque and may I add that it looked even more lush in person especially as the weather was glorious! I hear the bride and groom fasted for the weather as the guests waited outside while canapes were served while the bridal party took pictures. God surely answered their prayers. Did I mention that the food was yum? Which reminds me, I need to get the caterer’s details. It was Nigerian food but with a twist.

At the reception, the bride and the groom read their written vows to themselves. *sigh* let’s just say love is SWEET! But can I add that the groom’s vows won hands down! It was so genuine and from the heart….. *future husband, take notes*

Boy did they dance! They danced o, infact me too I danced! It was really a day of joy. Especially as it now means my darling friend, Versace, is next to get married in her family.

Let me give a bit of statistics… Versace is the 3rd out of 4 kids and they are all girls. #1 got married last year 1 May, #2 got married this year 1 June and number 3, it is only fair she gets married next year 1 july :p. I mentioned it to her boo and he pointed it out to me that 1 July was a Sunday so no can do. What a shame.. But how did he know that?! He had checked the date already. I was very impressed, I predict a proposal either last this year or around valentines day / her birthday which is in February also, I’ll keep you posted. Ofcourse I might be very wrong!

One of myself and Versace’s mutual friends was saying how their mum was very blessed and she wants to know what prayer their mum prayed while she was pregnant or while they were young so she too can say the same prayer for her kids. Reason being.. #1 (I think) met her husband at university and they dated for at least (I think) 8 years if not more before they got married, #2 also met her boo at uni and dated for about the same time maybe slightly less or more before getting married last week. #3, my darling friend, started dating her booboo 1st year in uni, 6yrs on, still going. They are just sooo cute *sigh*. To add icing on the lovely cake, they are all God fearing, love God etc etc and when I need encouragement to keep striving etc.. I know who I go to. #4 is about to start university and I know what you are thinking, well if you aren’t, I am thinking it.. I wonder if she will meet her husband in her first year in university as well.

I remember growing up I always wanted to marry the first man I dated and have our first kiss at the altar… *sigh*.. Need I say more! But hey, if that had happened, I would never have met my darling DT :D.

Which brings me to another topic.. Dear friends, especially the ladies, how did you communicate to your respective fathers that you were dating someone.. serious? Me I am very shy o. Me and my dad are somewhat cool but never ever have this kind of conversation.

I am trying to come up with a plan. I feel bad that my dad seems to be the only one out of the loop, I don’t think he will be too pleased with this either. To be honest I didn’t tell everyone, I guess ‘good’ news has a way of flying when you have aunties..

Would love to hear from you all.

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10 thoughts on “Food + Family + Love

  1. Phew…
    That was some trip.
    I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster
    You have been busy. I also love eggplant stew – (we call it ekwe) and we usually have it with yam/plantain for lunch
    Hope you enjoyed your mum’s stay.
    Regarding telling your parents about bobo…A sit down is required.
    This is one of the first opportunities you have to show them you have grown up

    • lol @ roller coaster.. i am sorry!
      yes i enjoyed her stay. miss her already sef! I thought about a sit down too but when my dad is in town in a few weeks, i will be in edinburgh and the next time we will probably see face to face will be christmas by God’s grace…

  2. Greet mama for me oo..

    Go on her kneels to serve & select what he wants?…NA WA!

    hmm..about your guy, i agree with 9jamum oo..take care

  3. WalkingEnigma on said:

    Is eggplant = garden egg?

    if so, its great with yam anyday..

  4. About telling your dad, I think you should get your Mum to help you out with the ‘reveal’. Maybe she could slowly introduce the idea to him to wet the ground, then you can officially tell him (with your Mum present for support. Lol) so he hears it from you as well.

    Your friends family story is so cute.

    • yea, when my mum goes back.. i guess she has her work cut out for her :p lol i will speak to her again about it sha. but unfortunately.. i plan on telling him within the next 4 weeks lol and i won’t be seeing either my mum or dad then. so my mum won’t b around for support. except i tell him while my mum is with him.. hmmm….

      i know o very very cute.. lol i think i am a groupie of their family..x_x

  5. Lol, I also feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster.

    With regards to telling my dad, I brought Mr Lashes to a family barbecue so it was all relaxed the first time they met. I just basically said ‘this is my boyfriend dad’. I never did the whole formal introduction thing. He met my mom first and I made sure she was there to make things easier for us all when I introduced him to my dad.

    When Mr Lashes asked me to marry him, my parents were in the country, but staying at my sisters. I rang them as soon I said yes and just spoke to everyone at the same time; although when we saw them later that day, they made him prostrate to my dad!

  6. lol @ roller coaster, i didn’t realise jare!

    i think it would have been easier if everyone was here…
    we had a barbecue on easter monday and my aunt invited him so he met family.. like my cousins aunts n uncles but not my nuclear family cos parents and broter 1 are in nigeria and brother 2 in the states…

    lol @ making mr lashes prostrate to your dad!! exciting times! hope the preparation is going well! x

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