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Dirty dancing – the musical

Last night was very very very .. LONG!

I bought tickets to see dirty dancing with girl friends and my flat mate and tickets to see jersey boys with DT. The dirty dancing show was yesterday.

As the sports and social committee at work organised tickets for the show, we also organise a coach to take those going into London from the office (Reading) and bring them back to the office. I have seen several shows with work and this arrangement has been seamless.

A few weeks ago, Chorico kept on saying how the reviews about the show was rubbish online. It really annoyed me that she kept going on and on about the bad reviews, it made me wonder why she was still going and why she didn’t attempt to sell her ticket. The reason why I did not like it is because okay the show is rubbish, why are you robbing it in my face knowing fully well I am going to travel about 140 miles in total to and fro to see it.

The first thing I noticed yesterday was that we were going in a small coach which means the show is not as popular as the other ones I have seen the past. So this reminded me of what Chorico had been saying, ofcourse she was quick to remind me again on the coach.

Anyway, so we set off for London and as you would expect at about 5pm on a Thursday evening, there was a lot of traffic on the M4 and in central london. It didn’t help that I was sitting right behind the driver and she kept calling the coach head office saying her satnav keeps loosing signal and she isn’t very sure of where she is going so someone should give her directions. I was silently hoping she was joking. Ofcourse the man giving her directions not exactly sure of where she was gave her wrong directions and we got lost at Piccadilly Circus.

At this time it was 7pm and the show started at 7 30pm. Now the person I charge of the show jumps off her seat saying “please drop us off here, we are not going to get there on time at this rate. Some of us planned on having dinner before the show”. Okay so I get her point because I planned on grabbing some dinner before the show as well but she could have been a bit softer about her approach.

So this lady and her friends jumped out of the coach leaving me and Chorico alone on the coach and then we decided to follow the crowd. Me being me, before I left the coach, I asked the coach driver if the head of the coach had her phone number so that we can find the coach drivwer after the show. To my amazement she did not collect the phone number, but yet we all jumped off at Piccadilly circus, planning on walking to Covent garden and hoping the coach will meet us there eventually. I sha collected the coach drivers number because I cannot be doing hide and seek looking for the coach after the show.

In the process of doing my ajayi work or collecting her phone number, we lost the people who knew where they were going and had to find our way to the theatre by asking every tom dick and harry and with a little help from my sat nav on my blackberry. We got there at the nick of time and found my other two friends waiting, Versace and Boshinton.

The first half of the show was okay, it was not as great as the other shows I have seen and it was not horrible either. Next thing, during the interval I hear people screaming behind me. What is the problem? There is a mouse in the theatre. So this resulted in lots of shuffling around and screams and legs being raised up. As you can imagine, because of the disturbance, the second half of the show did not start on time.

In the process of jumping up and down our seats, we lost Boshington’s iPhone. When we realised this, the second half of the show had begun so we couldn’t search for it properly. This also meant I couldn’t concentrate on the show because I kept on feeling bad thinking if I didn’t invite her this won’t have happened. We tried to silently check her bags and my bag and the floors around us, nothing. We called the phone, it was ringing but as it was on silent we couldn’t hear it, neither could we see the phone light coming on and off as it usually does when it rings. So silently we watched the second half of the show, I’m sure she didn’t enjoy it either. We silently counted down to the end of the show so we could search for the phone properly and hopefully find it before I had to catch my coach back to Reading.

The show ended, we sprung off our chairs and started searching and we found it! Yay! Time to go home, hugged everyone, called the coach driver, found the coach and we were en-route Reading. Got back to the office at about midnight, called a taxi and was home in like 20 minutes. I literally dropped my bags and slumped on my bed. I was soo tired and just wanted to sleep and wake up at 6am the next morning for work. As I shut my eyes and enjoyed 10 minutes of sleep.. My phone rings.. DT.. I was tired but we hadn’t spoken properly through out the day so we talked for about 20 minutes and then back to bed. Only that this time, it was harder to fall asleep.

Long story short I was a walking zombie in the office today. Just simply exhausted. I am glad it is the weekend though. I started the weekend in a great way by forgetting my flat keys in the office. There was no absolute way I was going to travel back to work to get them. So I called Chorico and luckily she was in the gym which is just across the road from us. So I shall be relying on her keys till I get my keys on Monday.

I am going to be good this weekend. Good involves going on the treadmill tomorrow, as a start to my keeping fit regime. I am partly inspired by the hot bodies of the lady dancers at the dirty dancing musical. Boy can those ladies dance! And their banging body… One I can only dream off. As far as I am concerned sha, no body is worth giving up chocolate for :p. I shall eat all my junk and exercise.

Part two of being good is studying! Yup, back to Edinburgh in 5 weeks and they already sent us ‘pre course’ studying materials like 3 weeks ago and I haven’t opened it. So I shall be opening the package tomorrow and doing a bit of work like a good student. To treat myself, will probably see a movie with my friend tomorrow evening. Let’s see how it goes.

Anyways.. blog again soon I hope. Xx

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2 thoughts on “Dirty dancing – the musical

  1. Sound like a really hectic day
    I have to be honest and say i dont like group outings – all that hanging about, waiting for others and making sure someone else is okay can distract one from enjoying the outing
    What would you rate the show?

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