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The first dance et al.

hehehe… I have attempted to share my weekend with you guys below. I must inform you before hand that you may find it a bit too cheesy or mushy for your liking, so read ahead at your own choice. Enjoy.. xxx
I have heard so much about how powerful words are but I have not been able to appreciate it well enough until you came into my life. I have come to learn and appreciate that you are never in a haste to use words. You value your words and ensure that you mean what you are about to say, making it easier for me to trust you and believe you are a man of your words. At the same time, it helps towards my path to become a more patient person, although it can be a bit frustrating in my impatience.You pick your words with great control and precision; and you release them at the most appropriate of times. Pleasantly surprising me even when you do not intend to, because of your invaluable skill with words that you have come to develop; the timing and delivery you have learnt to perfect over time. You make sentences sound a lot more exciting than they actually are.

What I love the most about you is a series of things, all of which I cannot express justifiably. To list some, your selflessness, your belief in my goals and dreams, your ability to make my plans your plans, so much so that you see my exams as your exams. Your ability to sense my moods and have the right words to say at the right time, making it twice as effective. Your maturity to tell me the truth when I need to hear it and not just utter sweet nothings into my ears just to fan my ego. The fact that you do not treat me differently in separate circumstances. You show me as much love and care in private as you do in public, whether we are amongst friends or not.

Many times I feel like you’ve got me or my flat bugged and can hear every conversation I have because each time I talk about something relating to us or something I would like us to do more of, within a week you do just that. Ofcourse in all of this, I wonder, am I as good to you as you are to me? Do I show you as much love as you do me? Do I make you as happy as you make me? 

I remember when you said you felt like you hadn’t seen me in a month, when it had only being 11 days. Only I felt worse, for me it felt longer than a month; but that feeling was quickly replaced by the joy and happiness of being next to you, being able to look to my right and see you driving next to me. Being able to hear your voice and listen to you sing as you drive like you love to do while I laughed away teasing your singing voice and joining you when I am able to stop myself from laughing. That feeling, my dear is priceless.

I remember how your left hand found mine on my lap and the feeling of your relatively warm palm engulfed in mine; I couldn’t stop holding on to it, wishing we will never reach our destination so I could remain seated beside you and never have to let go of your hand. The responsible part of me could not but constantly remind you to let me know when you needed both hands to drive, but silently I hoped each time you won’t have to take it away from me. Thankfully you were able to manoeuvre your way around the busy roads of London safely with your right hand majority of the time.

I was already satisfied with this feeling but little did I know that you were just about to enhance it. Our destination was your class mate’s wedding after party. Like a gentleman you introduced me to your friends, who I must say are very lovely, after which we proceeded to sit down. That was when you asked me to do something I never thought I would hear you ask.

To give you a bit of insight, Last week, when I was discussing the dancing that happened during the wedding I attended recently and how I loved it; but it reminded me that you said you couldn’t dance. What you said once again would mean nothing but mere words to the masses; but to me, it meant a whole lot more than words. You said unfortunately there isn’t much you could do about your dancing skills but you hope you will make up for it in other ways. I assured you that was not a problem, after all it is only dancing. 

That was why I was surprised when you asked me to dance with you on the dance floor at the party. I was convinced you were joking and remained seated. But you asked again and this time I wondered if I would be pleasantly surprised or hugely embarrassed by your moves. I was too excited at the prospects of our first dance together to let the thought of the latter materialise.

So I followed you to the dance floor and after the first few warm-up swinging of the hips, the dancing started. I was pleasantly surprised. Honey you are not the best dancer in the world, but you complement my moves and I yours; what more could I ask for? As the Nigerian music played in the background, from D’banj’s ‘make me fall in love’ to Dr Sid’s ‘something about you’ you made me feel special. No one on earth has ever made me feel like you did that night. I felt like the luckiest girl in the room. I forced myself to keep my eyes opened, because I knew if I shut my eyes for just one moment, I would believe it was my day; we can’t have that now can we?

After an hour or so, you decided you needed a break so we headed off the dance floor. The DJ changed the song to Wande Coal’s ‘kiss your hand’ remix and then you decided the break could wait and we had to dance again. That worked for me because I love to dance. I will dance with you over and over and over again if time permitted.

Unfortunately, the night had to end and you dropped me off home, with plans to hang out the next day. You picked me up the next afternoon. You were making dinner for your friends at yours. I was excited because it meant I finally get to taste your cooking I have heard so much about. You did not want me to lift a finger and asked me to sit and chat with you while you cooked instead. I could not sit and watch you do all the hard work so we compromised, I did the chopping of the ingredients and the cleaning up while you did the cooking. You did not fail to remind me that you asked me to sit and watch whiled you cooked and I said no; you said you will remind me of this day in the future which made me smile. Although at the end of it all, you had to admit it worked perfectly.

Lunch was served and on tasting a spoon of your rich fried rice, I must say it was so lovely, I made a mental note never to make you fried rice, because I just couldn’t top yours. I told you this and you wouldn’t accept that. You asked me to take some rice home with me when I was leaving, but I was so chuffed firstly at the fact that you could cook and then packing me take away. One step at a time baby! Let me get used to this first. I did not take my take away pack because I felt like I should be the one packing you take away not you. In hindsight, I should have taken some of the lovely rice away with me. Oh well, there will be many more where that came from I hope. 

Me forgetting my keys at work on friday evening meant I had to wait for my flat mate to be home before I left yours. This meant I got to spend more time with you than originally planned. For me it was bittersweet because I had so much work I planned on catching up on that evening and leaving yours late meant I would get home at about 11pm and not be able to get much done. At the same time I got to spend more time with you and saw you in your own element with your friends, having friendly arguments which I thought was cute. Although you kept turning around to look at me and apologise for it. For you, you were just pleased I was around full stop.

Unfortunately, the bitter of the evening and the stress of the work for the week ahead got to me and you sensed my change in mood and tried to make me smile. On our way to the station to drop me off, we got talking about my exams again and you told me you were pleased I will be going to Edinburgh for a while because it meant I had fewer distractions from work, friends and family commitments. But we now have a plan on how we will see each other while I am away. During our discussion you said you didn’t want me to come visit while I was up there and you will do the visiting so I can focus on studying which was a relief to me; all I have to do is let you know when my timetable permitted a visit. 

The talk about exams reminded me I was awaiting the results of the last one I sat in May and doubt crept into my mind. Doubt, stress and the high expectations I have set for myself, not to forget, not wanting to disappoint you, got the tears streaming down my face.
I let my emotions and the stress of a future situation get the best of me and ruin the ending of a perfect weekend. But even as I worried irrationally and as the tears fell down my eyes, your words of wisdom were instrumental in giving me peace, especially as you reminded me that you’ve got my back and me doubting myself was selfish because it meant I was saying I cared more about myself than God did me. No matter the outcome, we will deal with it when we get there.

You gave me a tissue to wipe my tears, a big hug and a few kisses and I set off home. I went home knowing you got my back, that piece of information was enough to take my mind off things.

Looking forward to many more firsts

D xxx

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15 thoughts on “The first dance et al.

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  2. gbemi on said:

    awwwww… this is soooooooooooooo sweet!!!! Makes me want to fall in love 😦

  3. What I love so much about this is how much it seems (well, to me) like mature/adult love. Makes me wish I was much older, as me and the bf are only 22, and I sometimes feel like we have a loooong way to go. Why can’t we both be like 25 or something? Sigh. Yours just feels so much ‘realer’. Does that make any sense to you?

    • Lol I see what you mean o jare. You are making me feel and sound old :p. I am just 23 but I guess he is much older. I don’t know jo, no real recipe. At the end of the day what works works… and like I have been telling you, you do not necessarily have a long way to go :p.

      • Haha 😉 Maybe him being older makes a whole lot of difference, or maybe I’m just over-analysing…
        Anyways, I’m loving your love, sha, haha

  4. This is sooooo sweet

    I love the way you are not afraid to love…because some people are so scared of getting their heart broken – they fail to open up.


    • Thank you… Hmmm it is not an easy task, I have had to constantly battle with myself to let myself go. So many times I have tried to be defensive but when I do that its more of a heart ache than letting go and just enjoying the moment.

  5. lade on said:

    This is honestly gonna make me cry….Love so real, its almost unreal, i know a bit about that 🙂

  6. You are quite an emotional lady.

  7. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!

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