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What have I been up to?

Hi lovely people!!!

For those in London / Reading, I hope you are enjoying the rain. I have decided there is no point hating the weather because you will just end up spending majority of your time hating.. lol

So… a few blogs ago, I asked you guys what the best way to break the DT situation to my dad.. let’s just say my dad now knows.. and they shall be meeting each other fairly soon. It should be an interesting one, as neither of us have done this before; I have never introduced a guy to my dad before, DT has never met a datee’s  father and my father has never met any of his children’s other half. Well, in due course, I will give you all the low down. I just hope it goes well.. to be honest my dad took it a lot better than I thought. He was actually very conversational about it. I guess I should give him more benefit of doubt in future. A few of you might wonder – what is the rush? To answer that question, there is no rush, my logic simply is – one way or the other a few of my aunts found out about DT, don’t ask me how, walls have ears I suppose. The only people I told officially were my mum and her best friend who initially told me about him. My aunt and uncle put two and two together when they kept meeting him and he kept picking me up. How the other’s found out.. lol no idea. Now, my dad had been left out of all of this because I didn’t think I was ready to tell him plus we are just a few months in, but I have a strong feeling this is.. like they say when you know you know… the rest na prayer. Also, I kept thinking, one day one of my aunts or uncle will mistakenly tell my dad then he will feel left out and wonder why I did not tell him so I decided to just let it out of the bag, at least he heard from me. Whether they meet on this visit or on his next.. he sha knows about him, that’s all that matters for now.

So what have I been up to? Not much to be honest. Last week was work as usual and busy too. I guess the highlight of my week was going to Thorpe Park with my colleagues from work. We took a half day and drove down to Thorpe Park. It was so much fun to say the least. One of the senior managers was our daddy  for the day. 2/3days before we were due to go, he took it upon himself to print out a map of the park and mark a route of rides we will go on before we did anything else as we had about 4 and a half hours before the park closed.

I must say this plan worked out effectively. There were about 15 of us. We went on Stealth, Nemesis, Colossus, Saw the ride, detonator and then I requested specially to go on the banana boat, because it excites me and makes me laugh and squeal. One of my colleagues was a bit scared of all the rides, but I kept hyping her up and telling her it was not a big deal and I sat next to her most of the time. I remember on Colossus, it was quite funny, because we got to this part of the ride, I turned to her and went ‘Uh ho, I forgot to tell you about this part’. It was so funny, because she was like, great, thank you and started screaming. We all had fun though. I hope we do it again sometime.

After Thorpe Park on Wednesday, the week pretty much ended as far as I am concerned sha. On Saturday, I had this singles seminar in my friends church I wanted to attend. So I invited two of my other friends. I was waiting on the platform for trains to London from Reading when I saw the lady sobbing frantically with 2 huge suitcases and 3 smaller weekend bags around her. My first instinct was urging me to go and talk to her, and then I thought, wo it is too early for ela jare, let me just mind my business. However, she was sobbing so much that I had to ask her what the problem was. So I walked towards her and kept my distance just incase she wasn’t interested in a conversation so I wouldn’t be too embarrassed and I can just carrying on about my business waiting for the train.

Anyway, I walk up to her asking her if she was okay (although I could clearly see she wasn’t). She smiled, a bit embarrassed and she said it wasn’t anything major really, but that she is an ERASMUS student (.i.e. an exchange student from Europe) and she has come to the conclusion of her year in the UK and was now on her way back to Paris. She has just left her boyfriend who was also on the ERASMUS programme but from Belgium and she feels like all of her life in a year were in her luggage in front of her and she is so emotional because she had such a good time and in as much as she doesn’t want to leave the UK she is looking forward to going back to Paris.

Anyway, I realised that as we kept talking, she stopped crying, so I stayed with her and kept her company and we kept chatting. I helped her with her luggage onto the train and we kept chatting till we got to Paddington. As I was wheeling her luggage for her, I made sure I stood close enough to her so it will not be as if I was carrying her load away. So we get to the black cab rank and there were two ladies in front of us. For some reason, the taxi driver did not pick them up and kept pointing at me. i was wondering why. As soon as I saw the man, I knew he was Nigerian and the ankara dress I was wearing must have given me away. So seeing as he was trying to give me preferential treatment, I didn’t even tell him I wasn’;t travelling, I loaded the girls luggage into the taxi shut the door and waved bother her and the driver good-bye. The look in the driver’s eyes was priceless, I couldn’t help but laugh and carry on to my friend’s church for the seminar.

The seminar was insightful, there was this lady that got married at the age of 45 for the first time and she was talking about her experience and so on, unfortunately, I got there late so missed the bulk of her experience but my friend gave me the down low.. very insightful. This is the first time that I have gone for a relationship seminar and left without feeling like I have to break up with some body or something had to change in my relationship. I will talk about myself and Dt’s relationship in some more detail in a different blog. I love attending relationship seminars, especially the ones in church. I have enjoyed them both when I was single and in a relationship, it just keeps things in check for me. I find that my spirit gets convicted when I go to them and gives me the courage to address certain issues that are not exactly right for me in the relationship.

Back to this week…

This blog is getting a bit long so – that’s what I get for not blogging in over a week. To be continued..

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