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Blog-athon and work update

Mehn my friends, I have just been blog surfing this weekend, I am not even lying! To be precise, on Saturday, I was on my couch from 1pm til about 10:30pm when DT drove by my uncle’s house on his way home and all i have done is read blogs, follow new blogs. When he asked me what I had been up to, that was when I realised I actually hadn’t done anything other than read blogs! I had to explain the whole process to him, why I write, and how people actually do blog and how I learn from other’s experiences. I think that’s enough lesson for him for now.

During my weekend blog rendezvous, a friend introduced me to this blog that is quite seasonal for me at the moment as it is mostly about a lady and her relationship with her boyfriend who eventually became her husband, so in essence, a blog about their relationship. I started reading from her very first post in 2009 on Saturday and I finally caught up today! I feel like I have been on a journey. I think it is very well documented and if anyone is interested, check it out on till my dying day. I have already seen some of Naija mum’s comments there ;).  It is about relationships and marriage etc check it out here . I just love that she writes so openly about her experiences and truthfully, about the ups and downs and I am sure a few people have been where she is. Absolutely love it. Reading you guy’s blogs gets me thinking about various things in my life, it’s quite interesting how you can learn from people you have not met.

So it is Monday night, I must say I was dreading today because I had so much work to do at work and I wasn’t sure I would be able to get it all done. Luckily, we have a new trainee who started today, so I have been able to reduce my client portfolio by 2! That’s as good as it gets, but my senior manager says I should keep an eye on my work load and let her know if it gets too much. It’s funny how everyone in the office knows I am always busy. I don’t know if that is a good look or not. People say it shows I am good at what I do so most people what me in their client team, but at the same time, doesn’t that show I am unable to manage my work load to some extent? Or maybe even unable to delegate? On the delegating front, up until recently, I have been pretty much the most junior staff in the office (1 of 4 of us).

I have been quite interested in doing a secondment for a while now – i.e. work in a different department other than corporate tax for a few months, just for the experience. The issue there is, I want to either second in mergers and acquisition tax, transfer pricing or corporate finance. I will also consider restructuring and audit (if I must!). However, not a lot of these have been advertised of recent. The other day, an email got sent round asking if anyone wanted to second to transfer pricing, I registered my interest and then a manager and senior manager came to speak to me to explain why I didn’t get it. They said they don’t want to lose me and transfer pricing is looking for someone permanent and they don’t want me to go permanent there (well, I don’t want to go permanent there either), the second reason was because the person who got, it was perfect timing for them, etc etc.

No as flattering as it sounds that they do not want to lose me, when I take a step back to look at things, it makes me feel valued, yes, but at the same time.. I feel like erm… I can’t let them use that excuse ongoing-ly.. I mean, I want them to keep feeling like they do not want to lose me, which in turn means that I need to keep updating my skills. My senior manager explained that I have about 4 years to do the compulsory secondment, meaning I have time – but I don’t want to wait that long. Now the second issue is this, we get an email saying who was seconding where and for how long. I read the email to the end only to see another lady got a secondment in M+A! I nearly screamed at my laptop. First thing I did was text DT with a long text ranting about how I really wanted this and how upset I was that it has passed me by etc etc.. and then he replies with calm down you’ll be just fine!

*sigh* so calm down I did and fine I was – because once again, I realised I was off to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks, meaning there was no way I could have done a 3 months secondment before I left and one of the reasons she is able to do the secondment is because unfortunately she failed an exam which means she is set back about 6 months and doesn’t go to Edinburgh the same time I do. So I thought about all of this and I felt slightly better, but however, I knew I had to let someone know I really want this secondment.

I didn’t realise I was silently beefing the M+A senior manager until I saw him a few days ago (he sits 2 desks away from me, he is really cool). I then looked at him and I thought I smiled at him, apparently, it was a cold stare! So he asked me what he has done wrong that I am looking at him like that, I told him I had a beef to pick with him – lol no idea why I said that! I sha went on the office internal messenger and sent him a message saying I really wanted to do M+A tax etc etc and then he explained that he was told i was BUSY! Imagine! I explained to him that yes I am busy but I will be happy to redistribute my work load, so we have an agreement that when I am back from business school, we’ll do some work together. I am going to have to reminder him and make sure it happens sha.

So you see why I am saying why maybe being busy is not that good after all!

Meanwhile.. in my office we have gone paperless, like storing everything electronically, however, if you see my desk ehn… it is a huge paper mess.. i just haven’t had time. BUT it is on my to do list 🙂

With that I say gooood night xxx

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