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Soo.. I have been very thoughtful these past few days, especially today. Usually, there is a thought process or a constant theme running through my head. This time, it seems to be all over the place and as I begin to place a finger on what I am thoughtful about, it disappears again. I will try to keep track of it as it carries on. I guess it is good thoughtful as I am not sad, or in a mood, but just in a normal state for once in my life… hmmmm interesting.

Well that is why I decided to blog it.. maybe it will help me realise the subject of my thoughtful state.

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6 thoughts on “Hmmmmmmmmm……….

  1. Are you sure you are not thinking of your impending entry into married life?
    This is certainly a significant period in your life.

    Deep breaths; stiff upper lip; strong knees (for praying) and a calm head are all you need this period :))))

    • Lol Naija mum, you are such a mum, you always know what to say. I am tempted to ask if there is a book that prepares mum to let them know what to say but I think I know the answer to that question.

      Thing is maybe you are right. At the moment it isn’t impending as of yet but hopefully, who knows, a year another couple of years..? But definitely prayer.. Prayer prayer. Its a new phase I am not used to so I guess finding my footing and adopting a prayerful attitude will help a great deal :). Thank you!

  2. I have wanted to follow you for the past month but I don’t know how to follow wordpress bloggers (Covers face in shame). Please, tell me how

    • I actually have no idea (covers face in shame as well) lol. I think it might be a situation where you have click the option to get the email or maybe add to your blogroll. Thanks for stopping by anyway :)! x

  3. I’m in a normal state. hmm that sounds good (strike that )excellent! Dont get frowny lines from thinking too much oo. not good on an angel 🙂

    Loving the ape pix. wonder what s/he is thinking ‘how do I steal that bunch of banana?”

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