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Embarrassed much?

I am aware the picture in my last blog too was a monkey.. lol, they are cute though :p

Hi People!!!!

My weekend officially begins today!!! Okay not really, I am working from home tomorrow morning and I have tomorrow afternoon off to go and get my hair done (yes I took time off work to go to the salon, don’t judge me!). I have a wedding on Saturday, my cousins, and I can’t be looking like a dishevelled walrus on the day (yes I am aware walrus do not have hair, well I don’t have a lot either… I plan on erm.. acquiring some on my way to the salon though). My point is, it is important to look clean, fresh and well-kept – Amen to that.

So, I pride myself as being someone who hardly ever gets embarrassed, I am one of the people Yorubas say this to – oju o kin ti e. That is, you are never ashamed. Well, today was to put an end to that phrase. I was overly ashamed to say the least! Now, what I am about to share with you stays here and goes nowhere else – deal? I will assume you said DEAL!

Here we go….

This morning, I woke up late, had 20 minutes to shower get dressed and walk 7 minutes to catch my bus. As I was hurrying up and rushing around, I forgot to use something erm.. let’s just say something essential. This essential thing is known to most people as a deodorant. So I get to the office, and remembered the mistake I had made and thought to myself – Shoot!!  I was talking to my friend Bels on the office messenger and I told her my predicament. What did Bels do, she laughed!

Now, the office is an open plan office and is located in the middle of nowhere, right by the motor way, so to go to the shops, I will have to walk via the motor way which I was not too keen on doing. I remembered Bels planned to go to the shopping complex during lunch so I asked her if I could come with her so I could pop into Boots and undo my silly oversight.

To my surprise, Bels gave me a resounding NO! I thought to myself, hmm this is unusual, she only says no to me when I ask her to go with her to NEXT, because I spend forever trying on the shoes, doing a mini fashion parade in them and buying nothing! So while I was trying to figure out why she said no, I see her walking towards my desk, the whole 30 yards or so. She was walking like she had a mission and in the process drew people’s attention to my desk. Next thing I know, she slams a new bottle of Nivea roll-on on my desk. I just wanted to disappear!!! I then nervously looked around to see if anyone saw. Of course they saw! A senior manager behind me was wrying his neck to try to see what she dropped n my desk, the senior manager beside me walked over to myself to see what made me gasp and the lady behind me too. Oh lawd!!! Extremely embarrassing, well we all laughed about it. I simply put it in my bag, walked to the toilet and used it. The funny thing about the whole thing is, after she gave it to me, she walked back to her desk, but she didnt realise that other people saw and were laughing at me! I had to communicate this to her via the office messenger. Thanks Bels, but I will get you back!!!!! I promise 🙂

Do you guys have any embarrassing moments you will like to share??


On a separate note, I had a client with a June year-end, which meant it had to be submitted to HMRC at the latest today, but with the whole new online filing palava, lets just say that deadline was nearly missed but hey.. it was submitted on time, one less client to worry about for a few months, happy days!

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8 thoughts on “Embarrassed much?

  1. Lol, thats HELLA funny!

    don’t feel bad, I always take the afternoon off to do my hair, infact I did it last thursday…a girl gatz look fly.

    I feel you re the year ends, I worked from home this morning and I am still working now, one more account to Companies House and I am free like a bird, well till next month 🙂

    • Lol mehn thank you jare! A girl def has to look fly!

      *high five* fellow accountant. These year ends eh! Don’t work too late o, raise your feet at some point. Up to anything nice during your ‘free time’?

  2. I used to feel guilty about taking time off work to do my hair
    Well, thank God I’m not alone :))))

    • This is soo cool to find I’m not alone!! Heheheh I won’t feel guilty again. Especially in this country, if you go to the salon on a saturday, you might as well write your whole day off!

  3. lol, you mean apart from work my fingers to the bone trying to keep my tight fisted clients happy? not much!

  4. You’re the funniest and most interesting accountant I know :).
    Bels saved the day so you gotta forgive her you

    p.s. A whiff of au naturel is good once in a while you know…

    My most embarrassing moment, falling down the stairs on my way to receive a prize during assembly

  5. awwww – you are too kind! lol. yes she definitely saved the day. au naturel can save itself for a never time.. lol I no wan smell.

    oh boy – that’s embarrassing as well! lol I am sure you did not leave that one down!

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