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Say what???

Your’s truly caught the bouquet at my cousin’s wedding on Saturday!

Am I excited? No

Was I excited? No

Have I ever caught a bouquet before? No

Do I look forward to the catching bouquet part of weddings? No

Do I go and attempt to catch the bouquet? Yes

Do I lift up my arms to even pretend to try to catch it? No

Did I try to catch it on this occasion? Yes

Do I regret this decision? I am not sure


Okay – enough of the interrogation.

I was at my cousin’s wedding on Saturday, which was in a registry and pretty small just for family and a few friends kind of business. When it came to throwing the bouquet, there were only about 5/6 young girls that were eligible to attempt to catch the bouquet. My aunts and male cousins were excitedly spurring me on, telling me I was next and I had to catch the bouquet – oh geeeez!

Anyway, my new cousin-in-law threw the bouquet and for some odd reason, it came in my direction and I saw myself catching it, but I let it slip so I didn’t catch it. But I was not fooling anyone. Ofcourse they requested for an encoure. My male cousins kept teasing that I let it drop etc. So she threw it again and once again, it came in my direction and I caught it!

Next thing I know, everyone was going to my dad telling him he was next, he should start getting ready. What did my father do? He had a charming smile on his face. Then one of my cousins went on to say he had to document the moment and took a picture of me him and bouquet. Lol it was a bit funny sha. But this does not mean I am NEXT.. give me a few years!

I blogged a while back about how I find it hard to lie. Believe me, I can’t lie to save my life. My conscience is too fragile. Yesterday, DT was telling me how I need to learn how to lie when I told him I told my uncle the real reason why he didn’t come for the wedding. He quickly corrected himself and said I needed to learn to be diplomatic and not lie. Well, it is a lot harder than being honest jare. After the initial un-excitedness of catching the bouquet, my girlfriends, Nurisconi and Versace and SD managed to get me excited. So when my mum called me to get the wedding gist, I told her and she burst out laughing and then she goes – e ku pale mo o –  meaning, happy preparation for the wedding. I just laughed.

Then I contemplated telling DT, because another flaw I have is, if anything is on my mind I tell him. Obviously, our relationship is fairly new and I am still testing the boundaries. Then I thought to myself, I have always said in the past that if a man is afraid to talk about marriage, he should carry his bag and go. If he knew me well enough, he will find that, I am not eager to get married, but by God’s grace with the right man I hope the right time to get married will be before I am 30! My point is, I like talking about things, marriage, babies, the future, my job, his job, families etc, it does not mean I want them now. So I decided to tell him. I asked him to guess who caught the bouquet, he couldn’t guess (duh!), so I said I did and then he starts to laugh. He clearly found it amusing and teased me a bit about it. That wasn’t hard now was it?

Oh well – so.. back to reality, tomorrow starts another long week of work – busy days and hopefully enjoyable!

Have a lovely week if I don’t get time to blog this week – afterall, I have blogged twice today :p



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13 thoughts on “Say what???

  1. Which of those 3 lovely ladies in sea green silk gown is YOU?

    lol @ the interrogation….so you don’t want to be next huh?

    congratulations to your cousin.

  2. Somebody caught the bou
    quet and we’re waiting for. . .

  3. All we know is that somebody caught the bouquet and we’re waiting

  4. Buahahahaha! Good for you.

    I never go out to catch the boquet. Never! I find the whole thing to be quite silly and i simply refuse to do it.

    That being said, who knows maybe there’s some truth in it *wink* *wink*

    • hahaha the thing is i go out to catch because they say do unto other’s as you want them to do to you right? lol I wan people to ‘want’ to catch my bouquet on my wedding day! I will be sad if no one gets up! lol

  5. Aww, good for you. I have never caught but nor do I queue up. lie – I have come with other friends to catch the bouquet but I make sure I stand in some unstrategic position with my hands firmly held behind.

    You are so lucky you can gist about it with DT, and that he is such a good spot about it. Some guys would take it as a sign that you are dying to get married. smh.
    Praying for God’s blessings on you both. Amen

    • Amen, thanks for the blessings.

      Mehn I always stand up o but I never attempt to catch it! The first time I did I caught it… Lol

      To be honest I thought twice before I mentioned it to DT, but he is a good sport 🙂

  6. rethots on said:

    E ku ipalemo o…..ojo naa ko ni pe.

  7. daddy on said:

    Muhhahaha catcher! 😀

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