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I am weary!!

I am seriously weary of people with low self-esteem! Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I am mega confident, but at least have a schmidt of confidence and stop dragging other people down in your selfish self-imposed misery! You see how tazmania’s back is hunched in my photo above – that’s how hunched my back is towards people like that, I am just simply tired. The world is not as bad as they make it seem.

I see myself as a person that gives everyone at least an iota of a chance. Now, what you do with this opportunity I give is up to you. I am very aware it is not possible to be friend’s with everyone but it is possible to be civil with most people. Anyway, what leads me to blog today about this? I just feel of recent, there are people with really low self-esteem that are around me, and it is really draining me baby sitting them.

I have a friend, let’s call her Chi. She is a british size 6, nice small feet, has a good job etc. Yet, I am subject to constant conversations about her weight. Some days she will be so convinced that she is fat and it will be my job to pump her up by saying, of course not, you are skinny!  Other days, she will decide it is me that is fat, and she has more arm muscle than I do, or that she is looking slimmer than I am. Bear in mind that I am a size 10 and I have no intentions of being skinner or bigger, so how she ever thought in the first place that I was skinnier than her really baffles me. Oh not to forget, there was this occasion where I needed to buy a dress. So I told Chi I needed to buy a dress, just a way to make conversation. What did Chi say? She suggests that I try one of her dresses on – I mean she is a 6 and I am a 10, we both know this! Obviously, after she uttered the absurd statement she conveniently remembered and says oh yea, we are not the same size. You can never have an honest conversation with her, that is what I have come to conclude. Infact, these days, when she tells me she is fat, I agree with her. I no longer fuel her ego. Trust me, seems like this tactic has worked because I am hearing less and less about her fat.

On another note, I am not even sure if this is self-confidence related or not, but I feel like I can’t have a good honest conversation with her.  In fact, I find it hard to question her sometimes. There have been several innocent situations where I just needed information from her full stop. For example, I could have asked a question like, what time are you going home (an example)? She will answer that questions as if I am accusing of doing something horrible. Then she will look at me with eyes like I am punishing her! Geez! Na wa – for this attitude, me I don’t understand. I have resolved to not saying anything to her again and keeping away as much as possible. If I have to discuss anything serious with her, I will rather do it in writing, like via blackberry messenger and fill it with lol’s and smiley faces so she knows I am not scolding her.

She isn’t the only one like this oh! Another dude , that one I passed him a compliment, but he found a way to twist the compliment into an insult. It is just draining, very draining. I think I better stop here and stop letting them get to me. I intended to write a whole lot more than this, but I can’t be bothered to spend my Friday evening writing about people and habits that seriously annoy me! All i know is this is the last of it.

On a lighter note, I found this video on a friend’s blog mstizzle. Let me know your thoughts :). Let’s just say the guy went all out!

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12 thoughts on “I am weary!!

  1. *sigh* @ your friend
    Some people are sooo draining.
    I had a colleague/friend who was always telling me:
    She felt good…because she only ‘had salad for lunch’ OR
    She felt bad…because she ate some crisps

    Meanwhile, she was 5ft 2 and only a size 6!

    I kept on listening to her boring ‘weight-related’ conversations until one day she caught me in a bad mood;….. and I sarcastically asked her whether she knew how much ‘calorie-counting’ bored me.

    Needless to say, our ‘talks’ fizzled out LOL

    • lol – looks like speaking our mind keeps them quiet!
      calorie countig you know! how time consuming! I love salads, but I would rather have it with some good rice and chicken than by itself.

  2. E-y-a! ..i tire for that your friend o! pls go sarcastic on her as 9jamum do o jare…she is simply feeding her EGO, wanting to hear compliments….as for the dude….i no fit shout,,,so keep your compliments o! laughing.

  3. I think she says all these so you can say things to make her feel better. She knows she is not fat but I think she feels good from the praise she gets from people, especially people she feels she has better body than. That is just it.

  4. Lovely video you got there *wink wink*. Meanwhile, I “broke up” with a friend about 2 weeks ago (I should call to apologise btw. Oh well…) Anyway, I had to tell her I couldn’t help her with her seemingly constant depression any more cos I had battles of my own that I was fighting and she was going to have to fight her demons herself (My words exactly). Was that mean? Yes. Was it necessary? Yes. Could I have gone about it another way? Umm… Maybe.

  5. I don’t envy you your friend. I hate having to tread on egg shells around people. And i can imagine talking with her mightn’t be worth the effort..she’d probably turn red and start crying.

    I saw the video…i thot it was over the top oo.Hmmm, a simple kneel down will do Or maybe “Will you marry me Ginger” written in the sky will do for me thank you very much :).

    • You know! Hate walking on egg shells!

      Hmmmmm you know I actually don’t know what I want! Lol, I used to say I would want him to propose in victoria rail station with the station filled with helium balloons that are released when I walk in.. Makes no sense right? Lol, right now I just want it to be thoughtful jare.

  6. Did you say Chi was your friend? Because I think not!
    *my sincere opinion*

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