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Last weekend – 100th post

*PS: Loads of photo content.. okay not loads, just a few :P*

Finally, post number 100!

Wow, I fit yarn sha?! Wetin I dey talk sef!

Lol, I guess I have to say thank you to wordpress for providing a place for me to vent in most cases and also to people who read my blog and comment, I feel like I have a bit of a relationship with the regulars :). To those who read and do not comment, thanks still, I see my page stats, lol keep reading, I hope you enjoy what you read, if you don’t, well, keep reading who knows, one day I just might write about something that you will enjoy!

So let’s talk about last weekend….


DT was to come hang out with me in Reading, kind of our ‘chill out’ before I go off to Edinburgh especially as he is working this coming weekend. So, I woke up at 7am on saturday to start cooking and cleaning! Which reminds me, I so cannot be a stepford wife o! Those women try. In fact, any woman that goes all out to make sure her house is tidy, and the cook she cooks is tasty and goes out of her way to make sure her man is happy.. may God bless you. I know it is not an easy task. Forget the whole it is a rewarding experience because you love him. Let’s face fact, it is TIRING.

Anyway, so I wake up at 7am, thinking to myself, I am sure I could have gotten away with sleeping a bit more. Erm.. na lie. I am glad I woke up that early. The plan was to sweep my lounge, mop the wooden floors, then cook jollof rice, roast some chicken, bake a banana cake and clean up and get myself ready such that when he walks into my flat, there will be no evidence that I had toiled over the oven and floors and worked hard to make sure everything was neat, tidy and tasty for his arrival.

My first task was to go to the butchers to buy some chicken, but some scotch bonnet (rodo) for my jollof rice and tatashe (bell peppers). I also bought bananas and other things I needed to bake the banana cake. The first thing I did was prepare the banana cake, because my oven door is broken and I was a bit skeptical about how it would turn out, so I pretty much wanted to get it over and done with. While the cake was in the oven, I started on cleaning the chicken and seasoning it with the normal salt and pepper and some reggae reggae jerk/barbecue sauce. Left it to marinade for a few hours and then I started on my jollof rice.

So, my excuse for my banana cake not looking as attractive as it usually does (i tell myself) is because of my broken oven door and also partly because I over filled the cake tin as you will see in the photos below. I thought I could get away with it like I normally did. But the uneven temperature (i think) in the oven results in the front baking before the back and my oven looking a mess because the cake started to spill. So I have taken a picture of the cake upside down lol – don’t judge my cake, it still tasted like cake and yummy!

I have taken a few pictures of my baking escapade, although I was a bit disappointed when the cake was not pretty bcause I sooo wanted to show off! Oh well.

googling the recipe – mashed bananas on the scale being weighted
my over filled cake tin
mixing bowl
my not so secret ingredients – ground cinnamon, almond and vanilla
my ugly cake

So my jollof rice turned out nice as well, my best yet and the chicken was yum! No pictures sorry, I was getting tired by this time. Next to tackle was the floors.

Before I start talking about how I love my flat but hate the floors, let me show a picture of my lounge.

Its quite big for me anyway, the floors are wooden, so require tender loving care and good sweeping, especially as it is useless using a vaccum cleaner to sweep wooden floors. It also requires moping frequently. I try to do it once a week, but it can be time consuming. By the time I was done sweeping with my lovely african broom and moping, my back was nearly done in.

Next was to jump into the shower and look pretty. That wasn’t too difficult. All I had to do now was wait because he got stuck in traffic. Anyway, he arrived and the first thing is asked when he saw the food was – when did you do all of this?

hahaha – no telling baby I am a magician :p

So I fry the plaintain and served us lunch – we ate while watching formula one *sigh* men and sports sha. Eventually, we started watching America’s got talent and guess what DT did? He slept! So I was flattered, he was relaxed and he enjoyed the food, so at first I smiled. Let’s just say I stopped smiling when he was still sleeping 3 hours later! Eventually, I think about 4 hours later he woke up. Looking very handsome and well rested, but even he knew something was up, babes weren’t smiling. To make matters worse, I lost my the signal on my phone during the duration of his slumber. So I couldnt even go on the phone to call a friend, or text or blackberry message or tweet. I just sat and read a novel, watched  abit of tv and then got bored. So we talked about how I was looking forward to the weekend and how he fell asleep.. and he then he apologised and tried to make me smile and eventually I smiled when he sang a song he made up for me *sigh*. Have I mentioned that I love this man. Anyway, we went for a walk round the town centre, got back home to chill. He finally tasted my banana cake and loved it.. yay! He says I am my worst critic food wise.. but hey.. I only want to get better at cooking and baking. I am glad he loves my cooking and baking sha.

Another reason this man is very special to me is this… he finally figured out how to open the ceiling windows in the flat. I had been suffering in heat and complaining that I had no windows in my room, just the ceiling ones that do not open. He entered and within 5 minutes the window was opened! I started giggling and jumping around excitedly! I have windows that can open.. after 3 months I finally realised this! Woohoo thanks honey! Anyway, after all of this, off to London we went.


Let’s just say I had a great fall, or shall I say crash?

So after church, my uncle was going cycling with friends so he brought out his bicycle and I thought to myself, I haven’t ridden a bicycle in about 6/7 years, let me give this a shot. I look at the bicycle, it looked a bit unusual, not like the ones I used to ride on as a child. So I give it a quick test run, boy, was it fast? So I thought, hmm I wasn’t controlling the bike, let me try again.Unfortunately for me, the bicycle was facing downhill and I hadn’t enough time to find the brakes as they were not in the usual position. I look ahead of me as the bicycle kept speeding down the hill, I knew I was going to crash. The question was how and where? My options were into a car on my left, straight ahead into the fence or right into my neighbours house. I decided crashing into the fence would have the least consequences as I will have only myself to blame. Two seconds later – BAM! in the fence.. did I see stars? I can’t remember.

I felt  alot of pain though. My jeans ripped, my £25 shoes that I love that bought a couple of months ago has now gone to rest in peace. Photo below:

Rest in peace my lovely brown flats – you will be missed

So as I was saying, I burst my lip, my jeans tore, my shoes pafuka, I hit my groin hard on the bicycle sit, my left toe smashed somewhere, not sure where.. fence or floor or bike. Long story short half of my body hurts! But all Icould say was thank God, it could have been worse… lol

So I did the walk of shame home. Luckily, the neighbours kids were not riding their bikes that day and as far as I know, no one saw me. I walked towards my uncle and asked if he saw what happened. He said no, that all he saw was me coming out of the bush and he doesnt know how I got there. LOL it is actually funny, but I am still in pain.

So that is the summary of my weekend really. This time next week, I will be in Edinburgh. They have provided us with our accomodation details and it is looking like I may have to share a bathroom for 8 weeks. I am not too keen about that. I don’t mean to sound spoilt, but if you are going to take me away from my own flat for 8 weeks, then I would expect that you provide me with conveniences that I would have at home, including my own bathroom. Besides, I really don’t understand when they started putting us in shared bathrooms. The last time they did that, myself and my flat mate were late to class every day! It is not fair, we are girls and we spend a lot of time in the bathroom, one person should not have to wake up a lot earlier than the other just so everyone can shower on time. Na wa o.. one of the criteria for me when I was looking for a flat with my flatmate was a flat with 2 bathrooms within my budget. I have sha let the man organising the apartments know about my reservations about this. I hope he hears my cry, otherwise, he will be hearing from me again after I have gathered some more momentum. For now… it is time to go and read part 3 of the millenium series, the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest.


Have a great week 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Last weekend – 100th post

  1. LWKMD! Im sorry hun, I just had to laugh at the image of you rolling down a hill!!

    Congratulations on your 100th post. DT sounds lovely and that banana cake looks all kinds of yum!!

  2. Omo, you try ooo. But the things we single ladies do for our boyfriends sha.

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post. Hahahahahah @ rolling down the hill uncontrollably. That was hilarious…. You described it so well… I felt I was there with you…hahahahahahahahahha. Sorry I’m laughing.

    Your apt is nice. Your cake isn’t ugly jo. Wish I could have some 😛

    • LOL – *sigh* when I recovered, I kept thinking, if i knew that was going to happen, I should have got someone to tape it and sold it to ‘you’ve ben framed tv’ for £250!

      Thank you!! 🙂

  4. Your apt looks really great, the white walls and wooden floors go well together. You get power for all that cooking o, I would’ve just bought the cake or baked on a different day. You can guess I’m not very domestic. hmm…

    Sorry about your crash and all the best in Edinburgh.

    • Thank you! One day I’ll like my own house to look something similar.

      I enjoy cooking and baking but it can be tiring sha I must say. So I don’t go all out that often.

  5. That cake simply looks delish. I am done wit baking from grand zero. Next time Betty Crockers mix. Yes tank you Mam.

    Lucky guy..

  6. congrats on your 100th post!

  7. Your personality is sooooo cute! lol

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