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CTA exam results

My dear readers…

Yours truly passed!! I am now officially CTA exams passed – I need to complete my work experience of 3 years (i think or is it 2? I don’t even know) and once that is completed I will officially be a CHARTERED TAX ADVISER!!! Or maybe I am one already? LOL I have no idea – all i know is this – I am freaking happy.

God is amazing! I couldn’t have completed those exams without him! He is truly great and he has brought me from the beginning of my CTA exams to the end. That is the same way he will see me through my remaining 4 chartered accounting exams!

Thank you father – your name and praise will NEVER be far from my mouth. I love you from the depths of my heart!!!

4 more exams to go baby – let’s knock them dead together!!!!!!!!!!

PS: thank you all for your well wishes and encouragementsss!!!

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29 thoughts on “CTA exam results

  1. Wahey! Well done, Dami. I’m thanking God for ya!

  2. Well done.
    Your blessings will exceed your wildest dreams. Amen.

  3. Congratulationssssssssss. When are we celebrating this? πŸ˜€

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! U and all these exams though!! It’s always one after the other!! But I’m happy for u darling. Thank God for His faithfulness in your life. You will accomplish many more successes and milestones in Jesus name!!


  5. YAYYYYYYYY!!! *dancing* Congrats Babe, all your hard work has paid off. Where’s the party at ? LOL

    I’m thrilled for you. Wish you much more success in all your future papers.

    Many Blessings

    • Amen amen amen o! Thanks for dancing with me! We will dance again in September lagbara olorun and once more june next year hehehe and the end! Lol

      I wish you the same in all your endeavours!! Xxx

  6. Thanks be to God. Congrats & Grace for the rest… U know what’s next nah…

  7. Congrats Angel! Thats no mean feat.

  8. Awww…congrats! I’m happy for you!

  9. Hi. Just came across your blog randomly as I was looking for inspiration for my upcoming CTA exams. So happy to finally hear someone passed and is happy. Can I ask what your experience was. Did you sit the exam in one go or split them? Also what papers did you sit? Planning to sit my awareness and IND ADV in Nov. Do you have any study tips?

    • Hmmmmmmm…..
      First of all I am glad you found my blog and I hope whatever I have to say helps you with your exams.

      I sat my exams individually because that was how my firm decided my intake would sit the exams, plus we are doing 2 qualifications at the same time. So I sat my awareness alongside 2 ICAS exams, then my Law and Ethics, Individuals and finally OMB in May.

      My experience with individuals and OMB I can truthfully say were not pleasant, because we had 1 week of classes, then went back into the office for about 9weeks, where we were expected to study after work and during the weekends and went back to school for 7 days intensive revision classes before the exam.

      For individuals, I really struggled because I work in Corporate tax and could not particularly identify with the problems and I genuinely believe it was God that helped me with that exam because I was convinced I failed as I totally missed out a 20 marks questions as I ran out of time and it was a tough paper -plus only 8 out of the 23 or so of us from my firm and in my intake that sat the exam passed. This is not to scare you in anyway, this is just to let yo know what you have ahead of you, especially as you are planning on sitting two of them all at the same time.

      OMB for me was a lot better as I could identify more with the corporation tax aspect of it and we had a similar studying structure as with individuals and only one out of the 8 of us in my class that sat it failed.

      The general concensus from colleagues really is that individuals is a lot harder and of the 15 people that re-sat the exam, only about 5 of them from my in take passed the second time.

      My advice is this:

      Practice the questions as much as you can, spend more time practising questions than reading. Try to get a solid understanding of the concepts, because as I am sure you know, CTA love doing the whole curve ball questioning thing.

      If you are religious – pray and pray and pray and involve God in your studying because I can honestly say he is the only reason (and ofcourse doing my bit of studying) I have passed those exams..

      I am not sure if you are doing this with your company or whether you are using BPP or Tolleys or Kaplan but if you can buy some notes from Tolleys (some of my colleagues say they preferred the Tolley’s note to the BPP notes (I used the BPP notes)).

      Be honest with yourself and keep asking yourself how you are doing. When you are studying write down things you struggle with and go back at some point to look at the list and make sure you understand it before the exams. If you have access to a lecturer, get their phone number or email address and question their life out! I mean if there is something you don’t understand, ASK! email them, call them whatever – that’s what they are paid for.

      I could go on and on but I will stop here but if there is anything I can help with please let me know.

      All the best!!

    • I forgot to add that awareness should be quite easy – compared to the rest sha but equally time pressured.

  10. Thank you so much for the advice. I will come back to youif I have any questions. I am very religious and will keep praying. The problem I have is applying my knowledge to the questions. Its not like I dont know the stuff especially as I have just passed ATT all 4 in one sitting last Nov but this is just another kettle of fish. I am new to tax (just under a yr) and work in corporate tax so those memos and letters are hard in individuals. I have no problem with awareness. Seems do-able. I keep making noteson issues that i think i need to go over again and plan to do that when i finish studying for awareness. I pray that God will grant me favour as I am paying for these exams myself. My firm is only giving me time off, thats their contribution but alot is riding on this…promotion etc. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Will be in touch soon.

  11. Can I just ask. How did you remember all the stuff? I have the problem where i feel i have covered everything and I know it and then when I come back to do questions I dont remember. Do you have any tips on how you remembered things day to day. Also how long did you get take off work before the exams?

    • Hmmm what I did was I challenged myself and random points in time. This may sound weird, but for example as I am about to fall asleep on my bed, I’ll try to remember things I learnt that day or things I made a note to myself to remember. If I don’t remember after actually genuinely trying, I get off my bed and go back into my notes and try to find it.

      I just keep doing that at random intervals. For example if I am trying to remember something about paper for paper exchange and I’m studying about how to treat NI for employees that have moved overseas, I grab a piece of paper and write what I remember about paper for paper exchange and then check to make sure I am right. So basically always testing yourself and not getting worked up if you don’t get it right at once.

      Also highlight your legislation! I remember HMRC 6 really saved my behind for my individuals exam. Cos all I had to do was copy and paste. Make sure you are comfortable with where things are in your legislation.

      As for time off – I personally didn’t take time off because I felt I will need more time off if I failed the exam (x_x). So other than the one week revision class we had right before the exam I didn’t take any more time off. However, my colleagues took up to two weeks off in addition to the 1 week revision class. I think it will be up to you to decide what you’ll need. I’ll probably suggest taking at least one week before the exam.

      • Hello again. about 10 days to go and I am absolutely panicking. I am practising questions but maybe not as many as I planned initially as I am finding that I have to go and study ( was planning on 8 questions a day, doing about 4 at the moment). Today is my lastday to study anything i.e individuals. Then 3 days on awareness and the next5 days on individual questions. I am practising the questions and by looking at the answer seems I will just be scrapping the 50 so things are not looking not. Also other than qs on reliefs and maybe IT/CGT comps/ o/seas issues, there are no similarities in questions at all so why do ppl say to practise as many questions? im sooooo stressed. Any advice?

      • on said:

        Hi again!

        The biggest mistake you can make now is to panic. Its just the same way as having faith, you know, believing in things you cannot see…

        In this situation you are going to have to believe that what you are learning or have learnt will be come useful in the exam hall. I know they say practice as many questions but the questions are not similar, it is more for you to have an idea of what the exam questions feel like. From now, making sure you are practising to time and DON’T look at the answers until you have written all you can about the questions otherwise you’ll falsely believe you would have written that in an exam.

        One of my colleagues is resitting this exam and a tip I gave him that he found useful was this: whether or not you fail the mocks or scrap a 50 is not essential, what is iimportant is passing the exams. However, read all the feedback you have been given on your marked scripts if you have any and let it be in your mind. For example if you keep forgetting indexation allowance tell your self to remember it during the exam, I know it sounds silly for it works. Write down a list of things you always forget, in most cases these things would be easy marks! You don’t want to miss them. As soon as u start a question, run through the check list of what you always forget and make sure you have those nailed down.

        Just keep going, don’t be discouraged and give it your all. Let me know if you need anything else.

        PS: when you are tired sleep. Rest, your brain needs it, eat properly, drink loads of water take breaks and just condition your mind.

        All the best. Xx

  12. I get your point and I will bear that in mind! Feels good to know someone has experienced it however lately my panic is becoming a feeling of sense of defeat. I trust in my Lord and he has always been there for me like he was there when I did all 4 ATT in one go. But I have read and read and it just feels like I dont know stuff and then Im running out of time with exam qs and then I dont feel im getting the 50 I need coupled with the fact that there will always be an obscure question to throw you off. Today was a very unproductive day probably cuz i already feel I’ve lost the battle.

    I need a miracle!

    • on said:

      That’s what you need to fight. The truth is, you never know what you know until you receive your exam results!

      People enter exam halls feeling prepared and fail, whereas others enter feeling like ‘omd!!’ And pass.

      Remember what the bible says.. In our weakness he is strong.

      That’s another thing I forgot to add. Keep on confessing God’s words. I believe as christians, we are at an advantage. We have the bible to give us all we need.

      Ask yourself what the bible says about your situation. To list some, you are the head and not the tail, if God can send his only son for our sins, how won’t he be able to sort out your exams? He won’t bring you this far to let you go. Your life will be a tesitmony of his works.. That includes passing this exams.

      The bible passage I discovered recently, during my ICAS exams when I felt my lowest was isaiah 51 vs 1b, consider the rock from which you were cut, the quarry from which you were mined. I thought about that deeply and I came to the conclusion that I am God’s own, and my father is not known for failure.

      So my dear friend, you have plenty at your finger tips going for you. Do your bit, study, when it feels like you can’t go any more, use the time to confess God’s words into your life!


  13. Hello again, I thought I had to come back here to give a testimony that the Lord which we serve is every faithful and provider of all…..Angel I passed!!!! both CTA papers I could not believe my eyes as I was sooo sure I failed the IND ADV. It just goes to show that hard work and God’s Divine favor is unbeatable! Thank you for the support….2 more to go in May and with the favor of God with me – It is done!

    • on said:

      Omg! I am too thrilled for you! I was going to email you yesterday to wish you the best! You clearly didn’t need it! Thank God for his mercies! Well done!! Woohooo! The other two would be great as well!

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