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Dear diary – TPS first weekend


I have been so busy – no time o my people, no time!

I spend ages studying, and then a few minutes getting mad at myself for taking so long to study despite the fact I don’t have a lot of time. Of course I need breaks and during my breaks I speak to DT (who constantly says ‘ I hope you are studying o’ lol), check my emails and messages, read blogs and draft a little bit of my own blog. Not to forget, I eat too. But the issue with the tiny flats we are in now means that I have no inspiration what so ever to cook. So I have pretty much been living on take away, kebab, chips, chinese, pizza – I hear you scream! I scream as well! Not good for the waistline at all.

So I joined the gym! I hear you yay! I yay as well! Finally – after 3 years I have joined a gym lol. It’s virgin active and it is amazing! I love it. I must say that I only go for the gym classes. I don’t just go and do stuff myself. I have been to the spin class (which was torture – but when I think of the amazing legs I might have after a few weeks I stop complaining) and I went for a class called body pump. To sensible people, the description of the class is in the name right? For some reason, I thought it would be more like an aerobics class with a bit of weights. No o – it was all weights! I nearly walked out half way through the class, but I decided to stick through it but my arms hurt. I am not going again though – I have no intentions of being muscular – I just want to be toned. Finally, they have Zumba classes! I have been looking for someone to attend these classes and finally the gym has Zumba classes and its a 10 minutes walk from me! I am going for my first one on Tuesday evening, really looking forward to it!

So the gym has been a good companion in these times. The classes are okay. I am yet to meet my third lecturer. The first is okay but a bit nervous teacher which means I do not trust her. Trust me, I have found loads of loops in her explanations and each time I question them she can’t answer me! So I am basically on my own for that course.  During the break for the first class with her, I had to tell her to please keep quiet when we are doing exercises because it is a bit distracting when she tells us to work by ourselves and she is talking in the background (I said it politely though) she said okay and I was able to concentrate more during the second half of the class. To be fair she has only been teaching the course for less than a year. As for the second lecturer, I absolutely love him. When you say someone knows his stuff, thats the guy. I have so much confidence in his teachings and it makes me feel like if I have questions, he will explain adequately. He was also very quiet during the class exercises and he read out example questions before solving them which made it easier to follow him in class. I am just hoping the third lecturer will be like him.

Myself and 3 of my colleagues went to the cinema yesterday to see horrible bosses. It has a lot of sexual innuendos but I laughed by behind off! It was just too funny. I still laugh thinking about some of the scenes. It was a great break from all of it all.

O I forgot to tell you guys – yours truly got a small award at work for outstanding client service on Wednesday! I was so thrilled! I got high street shops vouchers which is fabulous because I shall be visiting miss selfridge soon!! I am just blessed to be in a job I love and being appreciated and recognised for what I do, not to forget finding God’s favour doing my thing.

Last but not the least for today, I am counting down to next weekend. DT is coming to visit! Woooooooohooooooo! I am very pleased with him to be honest because he has single-handedly sorted out the whole coming up thing. From the start he said he would come up even without me asking him to, he repeatedly asked me for my timetable so he can come up on weekends that are convenient for me and then he calls me before booking his tickets for next weekend and in 3 weekends time without me prompting him (during the calls he apologies for disturbing my studying). So I haven’t even had to remind him or anything. I am really happy about this – I can’t really explain it. So the plan is to WORK HARD during the week, so when he arrives on Saturday we can have fun and chill and I won’t have to study as hard.

Oh and last last but not the least – he did the sweetest thing after my result. I forgot to tell you guys, the exam pass list was leaked a couple of hours before the actual list was released! But I kept telling myself I would rather wait and see the real thing so I am not unpleasantly surprised. When I saw the leaked list, I called DT and sent the link to him to explain what the situation was. We reasoned about the whole situation together and decided that it would be bizarre for the list not to be the real deal but we will wait till 9pm anyway. Then he confessed that he found out the website the results were going to be published on despite the fact I didn’t tell him and he had been refreshing the page dutifully waiting for the results to be released. Anyway, 9pm came and my results were out and I truly passed so he congratulated me and since he wasn’t here, we decided to celebrate with ciders. He bought  bottle of Magners and I bought a bottle of Koppaberg and we decided we would drink this on Friday seeing as it is a weekend. So yesterday after the movie, I was speaking to him and we remembered we had to have our drink. So he opened his bottle, and I mine and he suggested I come on skype, we had a video chat where he toasted me and my success and said a short prayer after which we drank to more successes!

That was really sweet – to me anyway – he is truly amazing to me.

That’s all folks.


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6 thoughts on “Dear diary – TPS first weekend

  1. Congrats on the vouchers.
    As your first commenter, I should get some *wink wink*

    Your DT sound wonderful. I pray your union grows from strength to strength. Amen

  2. You go girl. tell them how it is done! Congrats on your work award. and DT are such sweet hearts. smiles happily. I love the way he looks out for you.

  3. What is spin class, and how does it help one’s legs?
    I so loved horrible bosses and I also got an award at my last AGM
    Your DT must really love you

    • Yayy!! Congratulations to you too! Many many more good news for us in jesus name 🙂

      Spin class is like cycling – you go to the gym and into this room with loads of exercise bikes, everyone picks one to work on and the class instructor tells you what to do and how long to cycle for and at what speed and resistance – its quite gruelling, you do the whole cycling up the hill (high resistance cycling) and then flat ground cycling at high speed (low resistance cycling).

      Its really good for the legs me thinks!

      Yes he does – so do I 🙂

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