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…. what's next on my random mind?….

*raised eyebrow*


DT knows I blog, but I haven’t told him my blog url/address. He didn’t seem to mind until I told him I might have mentioned him a few times on my blog.. LOL

And then his ears perked up and now I have a feeling he has found this blog! I have asked him and he isn’t giving me a direct answer which means either yes he has found it or he is just enjoying putting me on trips and keeping me guessing.

So Mr DT if you have found my blog confess and close your eyes!


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4 thoughts on “*raised eyebrow*

  1. DT…if you have found this blog, please know she has only good things to say about you :)))

  2. DT please close your eyes. For bloggers only. Go an start your own blog šŸ™‚

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