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U na dey blog – chei!

I haven’t been on blog ville for like aweek now because of studies and I come on today and my feed is bursting! I mean.. lol I had to resolve to reading blogs from the last 3 days, which has taken me an hour and now I have to go to the gym for my legs bum and tum class and come back to study which means I dont really have time to blog but just to document a few things…

First things first, I apologise if it feels like I am rubbing in my happiness or me being in love or whatever in people’s faces. I promise I do not intend it to be so. I have been told by people that I am too happy or I am rubbing it in or different variations of it, and I have considered keeping quiet and doing my thing silently, but I would changing dramatically the kinds of person I am. I would nearly my personality if I did that – okay I exaggerate. Its just the way I am, when I am unhappy you will know, I rant here as well – especially about exams or when I am down for unknown reasons but at the moment and for the last 4 months I have been ecstatic and if it is annoying anyone please I ask that you ignore me for the rest of my life because I plan to be happy forever and I can’t supress that for anyone.

Ofcourse I will be sensitive and I am not being sensitve, I apologise once again, call me on it and I will pray about it and make some adjustments.

Now that’s said and done….

Last weekend was amazing!

DT was around… was staying in a different city though, so he came down and we spent the day together one Saturday and then he had to go back and come back for lunch on Sunday before he flew back to London.

He is so amazing (sorry) – I can’t forget the smile on his face when he saw me and the smile on my face and in my heart when I saw him too! He had a flower bag on him so I knew he got me flowers! They were beautiful and two lovely cards which he clearly said were for my eyes only *sigh* – to summarise he is truly amazing and I am soooo blessed to have a man that constantly says he is blessed to have me in his life because I am blessed to have him in my life as well. We went on long walks in the city centre on Saturday, by the castle, on Rose street and finally settled for lunch in this dainty mexican restaurant that was yum! Then we saw the most boring movie in our lives! It was a struggle to sit through it. LOL it was a good laugh afterwards though. There were talks to come back to Edinburgh when I did not have exams so we could do the tours and sights well – the city if just too beautiful! He is back in 12 days so the countdown begins again.

I had 3 mocks today! Oh yes you heard that right – erm… I am sure I passed one (the easiest) the other 2, not so sure, especially as I totally missed a question on one of the because I didnt see it! All in all it was good to sit the mock, helps to know where my weakness lies yadeyah – so year, sorry if my blog has become dry… busy trying to pass but I will update at least once a week!!!

See you all in week! love ya muchos!

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32 thoughts on “U na dey blog – chei!

  1. Aww, I understand what your friends are on about, but at the same time, i find following the love story as it unfolds inspiring, more than anything. Sometimes I’m a but jealous, of course, but then I get reminded as well of my own good fortune, and I’m happy for you that you’ve found someone that makes you unbelievably happy! Blogging is about expressing your feelings, whatever they are, so don’t be too concerned about toning it down just so some people feel better about themselves. Of course sensitivity is important, but I’m pretty sure you’ve been so far, so don’t worry too much about it! 🙂

    Good luck with everything!

    • Awwwwwww! *big hug debo* really appreciate it. Yea being sensitive – I try to be or I think I am but still.. Thanks still! And I am waiting to hear more about yours ‘wink wink’ because I see his name and bits and bobs waiting for the expressions :D.

      I just feel like ‘do unto others as you will like them to you’ – I actually enjoy listening to people’s love stories- infact my friends are tired of me always prodding! I just love love whether I am single or not even after I am old and grey I hope I’ll still love love and hearing about it. But I know its not everyone’s cup of tea.

  2. Don’t worry, all will be revealed soon! 😉

  3. Don’t mind them jare *winks* enjoy being in love : )

  4. My dear, let them talk… same here jare… In their faces all the way if need b… just haven’t been able to put say “my stories” in my blog… not that I don’t want to; I just feel I didn’t start the blog to say my stories per say…. Sooner or later tho, I know I would blog about him….

  5. Seems we have a lot in common.. going thru ur blog and I keep seeing me… lol… ours too is a pretty “young” relationship; almost 3 months tho we have known each other 18 months… We go almost everywhere together… and it is pretty tough on days wen we just can’t get 2 see…. going to school in September and I just don’t wanna think about not seeing him for a while… *shrugs*. a mutual friend buzzed him recently and tells him we r beginning to nauseate him… I laffed hard… they should please free us…

    It is really just so good to be in love… and with the right person with God leading both of you.

    Daydreaming already… can’t wait to see him later 2day..

    • Lol sounds like we are really in the same boat! I sooo know that feeling! Hmmmm I heard a little bit of your story on mimi’s blog from your boyfriend! But its all so amazing isn’t it. One minute you are going about life by yourself and the next you can’t understand how you have managed to live life without the person being in it. Lucky you, you get to see everyday lol we live in different towns so I settle for every weekend but now that I’m in edinburgh for work exams every other weekend. *sigh* absence makes d heart grow fonder. I guess you guys will find away to see each other maybe u fly down once and he too or something sha – all failing, there is always skype! Looking forward to reading your version of the story *smiles*

      • lol. yeah for now… I can’t just imagine life without him… sure I would be flying down o… too sure… and bbm, skype…. lol… I would write it… soon…

  6. did I say 18 months? *smh* over 19 months

  7. I’m like you o. I LOVE love and the stories that come with it. It takes falling/being in love to understand those mushy stories… As for your mock exams, I’m tempted to say Books Before Boys Because Boys Bring B********* Babies. LOL!! Sorry couldn’t resist!

  8. P.s: I need help with my blogroll. I don’t really get the “links” thing

  9. Why are you apologising?

    See me, see wahala oh! This girl tooo funny.

    The world is full of bad news – spousal abuse, neglect, violence etc etc …………………and you are apologising for sharing good news??

    Please, if you feel like putting up a slow-motion video of your beau smooching you………….please do so.

    Just saying oh….not like I’m a perv or something :))

  10. LOL @NIL.

    Enjoy your love sweetie, it makes my heart joyful for you too

  11. Go on soun jare. Its your turn to enjoy your love. I am sure you must have hurt cos of love sometime in the past so not bask in the euphoria now that it is sweet.

  12. Awww….its my first time here…came over from Myne’s…lovely.

    First off, all the best on your exams.

    My dear, it is your blog…blog about whatever you like. Rant, Love…whatever. If you’re happy, you’re happy, don’t let anyone try to water it down. I pray that you would be joyous and exceedingly smiley all the days of your life….Enjoy jo.

  13. Nice… Really happy for you. There has been plenty love in the air in the last couple of months..

  14. Please if your love makes you want to sing on your blog pages, please do. It makes jaded ones like us believe again 🙂


  15. agree with 9jamum o jare! why u dey apologize ehn? love is so sweet….brings tears to my eyes atimes…..mocks??..o babe! you too like books shaaa..hahhahaa..goodluck and the best you hear?

    • Lol @ bringing tears to your eyes. It does that to me as well sometimes.

      I no like book o – na condition make crayfish bend! Nearly at the end my sister. Thank you 🙂

  16. love is a very beautiful thing. I wish you the best

  17. I like your blog!
    This post actually reminded me of myself. I can’t seem to keep stuff in! If I’m happy, everyone knows, if I’m sad, everyone knows. lol.
    It’s glad to find someone who’s like that as well. My life is a very open book.
    I really like your blog! lol.

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