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Reminiscing about the future pt 1.

I have been thinking all week about writing a blog about my past and funny things we used to do that I remember and I had a good list of things to elaborate on, but I have managed to lose them so I decided to talk about the future and chuck in a few things about the past as I remember.

Before I get down to business, I got my mock results on Friday and I passed 2 and I failed one… but I am truly happy, because the one I failed was the one I didn’t see the last question that I could do answer and even without answering that question, I was 2.5% away from the pass mark which was equivalent to getting an extra mark – so I thank God for passing those two and I know what I need to focus on and I hope and pray God continues to help me focus and direct me in my studies!

Back to my original plot…

I remembered this week how as I child I used to love carrying buckets of water on my head. We had a house-help taking care of us while my parents were at work and they naturally had to do the chores. The chore I loved helping them with the most was walking to the backyard to fetch water from the well. PS: I will not let my child do this at the age I was attempting this stunt for health and safety reasons – my folks had no idea though. I would happily run ahead of them to the well, lower the ifami (water carrier – or what is the english equivalent?) into the well and drag the container filled with water out with all my strength. Of course on several occasions, I lost control and the ifami slipped out of my hand into the well.

This was when it all got really exciting. My next task would then be to figure out a way to salvage my ifami from the well. So I would go back to the house, look for a sturdy shirt hanger and then tie a rope to it after bending the hook of the hanger into a shape that would enable it retrieve my ifami.  Where this has failed, I will spend most of my time looking of the window, waiting for those who hawk ifami and ropes and conveniently, ifami hook retrievers -(for lack of a better word) so I can buy a hook and go and save my ifami from the well. Then after fetching my water, I would then balance my bucket on my head, with a carelessly rolled osuka (a piece of cloth to put between your head and the base of the bucket) together to keep the bottom of my bucket from scaring or hurting my head (or that is what I thought it was for), to be honest, it made the carrying of the water on my head more comfortable. I remember walking the short distance to our flat at that time, with the water dripping down my face and a smile on my face so proud of myself. Occasionally, when I was feeling brave enough, I would carry a bigger bowl or bucket and get someone by the well to help me place it on my head and as you can imagine, on several occasions, I spilled the whole bucket of water when I got home as I tried to get it off my head. In the process of helping the house-help, I created more work for her to do – but it was all good times.

In this reverie – after class on Wednesday, it was raining so I decided to balance my folder on my head as in to act as my umbrella all the way home without touching it with my hand for the whole 15 minutes walk and I was amazed when people kept smiling at me on the road and were genuinely intrigued by this skill of balancing things on my head but hey – I no send, I enjoyed it and it kept my hair dry.


Myself, my brothers and a few of my good friends cousins and family friends are on the same group on blackberry and for some reason, we started swapping stories of mischief we got up to as kids and boy, did my brother (#2) get into a lot of trouble! He was so naughty and strong-headed. We are three kids, I am the first and then my brothers,#2 and #3. #3 was the smartest of the 3 of us, I mean he gets the A’s, came first when he was supposed to, basically the star child. So myself and #2, when we get our report cards as kids – na to pad your yansh (wear more than one pant) be that o! Because the sounding you go chop no go get part 2, plus you will have to answer numerous questions about whether the person who came first had 2 heads and the likes. Anyway, one this lovely day, #2 came 11th and when my dad was doing the usual why didn’t you come first, #2 told my father that he came 1st twice – lol yes you heard that right, meaning 11 = 1 1 i.e. first twice. I don’t need to tell you what happened next. As for me, luckily, my high school was extremely inefficient, which meant that sometimes, we got our school results at the beginning of the next term and as I was in boarding school, I escaped all the drama that came with not coming first. Abeg jare – secondary school wasn’t for me – thank God I have managed to make my parents proud with my A-levels onwards. It must have been a testimony for them after the long wait. However, it still baffles me how stupid I was in high school – actually, I wasn’t stupid, I just wasn’t interested and I remember the year I did really well in Physics and by saying very well, I mean getting a C, was the year I had Apollo before the exam and I couldn’t study proper because my eyes were hurting and I bagged a C, how ironic! Meaning the more I studied the dumber I got.

When I think about this, it reinforces the fact that there are different ways of teaching and the method used by my lecturers and teachers in Nigeria did not work for me. Although my parents did not realise that by sending me to London, there were really unlocking a sea of potential for me, I still subconsciously thank them for sacrificing a lot to send me here because I am such a different person from who I was back home, most especially intellectually. I don’t claim to be a genius o – but I no say I no small book :p.


Then we had this house-help that used to measure water for us! Why? Because we used to erm do something that required our water intake should be monitored – go figure! Sometime within my first 10 years on earth I stopped but it was a journey with ups and downs lol. So this particular house-help, I will never forget her name, Aunty Josephine, she did not let us drink water o – she just used to give us half a cup or something like that with every meal! So, myself and my brothers came up with a plan. When she goes to the toilet or when she is out of sight, maybe running an errand or in the bathroom, we will steal water! Yes, we used to steal water lol. So the plan was, two people will stand by the kitchen door and be on the look out while the third person will sneak into the kitchen and put his/her mouth under the filter mouth (you know those metal prestige filters…) and turn it on, while savouring every drop of water that came out of it. If we felt someone was wasting too much time and putting at risk the chance of the 3 of us getting some water before bed, we will start signaling for the person to stop being stingy and come out!

So as you can tell, Aunty Josephine was very strict! She used to man handle us unnecessarily – I may be exaggerating here because my mum loved her – maybe because she didn’t use to take nonsense from us. So the three of us came up with yet another plan, this time it was to put pins on the chair she always sits on to teach her a lesson for dealing with us. So we got a few pins and stuck them in her chair and we will eagerly be waiting for her to sit on the chair so she can jump up and we could chuckle and run to hide. Of course this did not make our situation any better! Good times though.


I seem to be getting carried away by the past, I’ll just touch briefly on what I have been thinking about the future.

So it is increasingly obvious that I am a grown lady and I need to become more responsible and the things I need to start thinking about are now different. I had a conversation with DT that made me think about this. We were talking about mortgages (and no we are not moving in together.. lol), it was basically about what he was thinking of doing with his and kind of possible future events that might happen. It was a somewhat serious conversation and I thought to myself – Angel, you are now an adult! It occurred to me that I know very little about mortgages and I better do some research on it so I can offer constructive advice as well.

I blogged a while back about how I got to where I am work wise and how the company I currently work for wasn’t my first choice because I did not think I would enjoy but I now thoroughly enjoy my job (you can find the blog here). However, there was a lot of God related events and miracles that lead me to the company and to become a tax accountant. I must say that from the conversation we had last night, it was very clear that my tax accounting skills will be useful to DT. I mean he has a very business oriented mind for a doctor, I haven’t told him this yet but I like his thinking and you can tell that there is a methodology to his thinking and it is well thought out plus he has given it a lot of thought and he has a plan. However,this means I will always be on my toes to make sure that whatever idea he passes by me business wise I am able to tell him the corporation tax repercussions and the likes, what he needs to be aware of and what the rules are or at least point him in the right direction. This really excites me, because other than having a romantic relationship and being friends, we can also have a functional relationship – he challenges me, I love that!  I don’t think I would want to be his accountant though – like they say, don’t mix business with pleasure. I think I’ll encourage him to keep his accountant on and I could just be some kind of sounding board and make sure that his accountant is giving him the best advice. Plus I don’t know if there will be independent issues surrounding that with my profession……….. *deep in thought* – that’s story for another day.

So basically, as he comes up with all these fantastic plans, I feel like I am being deprieved from the joys of doing the research with him properly and actually giving some good advice because of my exams! I have been having a go at him for talking about all of this now when there isn’t much I can do about it. I would have loved to sit down with him for a day or so, talk this through and come up with a solution. I am such a geek – I feel like a child they have deprived from having sweets. Anyway he just laughs each time I say that and goes he isn’t in a hurry and when I am done we can tackle it.

So basically future wise – I think I might be growing up, whether I like it or not I need to grow up and think about other stuff now… *sigh* I feel like I am officially coming to the end of yet another phase in my life and shyly stepping into a new phase. I am not yet sure what that phase is but hey, let’s find out together.

to be continued…

 I am very aware I have overcompensated for blogging once a week with this ridiculously long blog so bear with me and see you in a week’s time :).

PS: I am going to DUBAI with my mama after my exams! So excited. I bought my ticket during the week which means I shall be soaking garri at some point this month lol – plus I need to come up with cash for my trip to Nigeria for Christmas loool! It is well!

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