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Miserable moans

I know the title of the blog is a tad bit dramatic but you will have to pardon me, I had 4.5hours worth of mocks yesterday and another 4.5hours today and let’s just say I am not feeling cheery – if anything, I feel the need to have a quick conversation with God before I continue to blog, give me a second:


Dear God,

I need a miracle!

As usual I can’t do this by myself

I want to pass my Advanced Finance, Assurance and Business Systems and Business Management exams in the first sitting

No room for resits God

God, remember when we started this journery, I know you haven’t brought be down this path for me to fail

So I say again, God I need a miracle – be in my writing, thinking, studying, brain, speech in everything I need to get this done for once and for all

I have faith in your ability through me to pass this exams

So thank you in advance –



I am sure my regular blog readers know that I always cry during my classes at some point because I just don’t get it or for the fear of failing. I haven’t cried in the 5 weeks I have been up here o! I don’t know if that is a good or bad sign. It is tough and I have about 10 days till my exams begin, but I feel like I still have a lot of work to do and not enough time and at the same time, I don’t feel like crying. Hmmm… let’s hope I haven’t spoken too soon. Anyway, by God’s grace, I will give a testimony when I get my results.

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of negative vibe going round surrounding these exams and the more I speak to DT and my friends, they keep telling me to just focus and not get sucked into it. I mean it is tough and as a result one person has decided she isn’t doing one of the exams yet, and another person is contemplating deferring them for some time. Those options are quite tempting you know, but mehn, I just want to get them over and done with sharpish! Time is money – so my prayer is to pass them all at once.

Also, there has been this cough and cold kinda bug going round, but erm it is 10 days or so till my exams and I really don’t need a cough or flu, so I have been practically overdosing on vitamin c – which had erm a side effect lol let’s call it the flourescent side effect so I have toned down my intake but taking a lot more fruits! I’m a peach and banana lover at the moment! *sigh* see what my life has resolved to and what gets me excited?

So, DT was up again last weekend which was really cool. Gave me a break from my book, although he insisted on us hanging out in the afternoon after I must have studied in the morning, but mehn – I was too excited to do alot of work and ended up just doing a little. Once again, loads of chilling, gisting, walking, eating, laughing! We attempted to go up to the castle and the view on the way up there was amazing. We also went to see one of the Edinburgh festival shows – the one we saw was of Taiko drummers, it was great. All I could think of was mehn there is alot of technique and precision in drumming! On Sunday, I went down to Glasgow for the first time to hang out with him at his friend’s. It was good to finally see the places he talks so fondly about and he tried to take me to places he used to hang out when he was living in Glasgow.

On another note, my friend is getting married in 8 days! My excitement knows no bounds. I am so looking forward to it, even though I am only able to participate in a few hours before I return to studying. Sometimes I wish people close to me will consult me before setting their wedding dates and I can tell them not during my exams (jokes)!

I miss reading everyone’s blog, but it is for a good cause. I shall catch up in 10 days! I am sure I will enjoy every single blog.

So after spending nearly 5 hours writing exams today, I think I deserve a mini break so I am going wedding dress shopping lol and no, not my wedding dress, a dress I plan to wear for my friend’s wedding!

Loads of love and catch you again probably after my exams, may be sooner – let’s see how it goes.

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