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To you.. 28/08/2011

Hi!! I’m back!!!!!! More details in my next blog.

Today’s blog is all about appreciating my darling boo especially for being great during my exams, being supportive, etc.. Details may follow in my next blog if  I am able to articulate myself well enough. Before I share the few words I wrote, thank you all sooooooo much for your encouraging messages during my exams. They are over now, till May next year by God’s grace. I really appreciate your kind words and I hope I have done you all proud. We will find out soon enough!

Here we go, feedback very welcome. The aim is to get better at writing my cheesy stuff lol.

To you

Author: Angelsbeauty

Edited by: Tolu Agunbiade

To you,

The one who makes me happy. The one who occupies my mind, my thoughts and my days;

The one whom I look forward to spending time with. The one I have so much fun spending time with and when that time is done, I look forward to the next time we get to hang out together;

The one whom after such a long and beautiful day together, saying goodbye makes my heart so heavy that I have to fight back tears;

The one I go to bed thinking about and after saying a prayer for, I shut my eyes to sleep. The one whom I wake up thinking about, with a prayer to follow my thoughts;

The one I wish the best for in everything and much more. The best including the best of me in everything I do and in the way I live my life. The best including your happiness and how I want you to have the best of joys;

To you my love, the one whom I love so much. A love that will never be too much because there is a lot more love where this came from.

With this, I say thank you for being amazing and simply the best.


Next countdown is to my holiday!!! 23 more days to go!!



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10 thoughts on “To you.. 28/08/2011

  1. What a lovely gesture
    I pray your love for each other continues to grow stronger. Amen

    True love is rare. You are blessed

  2. Ore mi ti yo’fe!!! LOooll… It is well my darling. I just may borrow this from you and have it in my wedding programme (yes. I’m already planning :p) but I’ll have to remove that “saying goodbye” part 🙂

    Happy loving and I pray you ace all your exams.


  3. awwwww….that was sooo sweet!!!

  4. Lovely poem and it shows that it came straight from the heart.

  5. Awwww, now you are gonna make me cry. (sobs)
    So sweet.

    Who is Tolu Agunbiade?

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