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Who stole the meat from the cooking pot?

I did!

Seriously, I love meat, chicken, fish, mutton, pork, name it, I LOVE IT!

Growing up as a child, when I was tasked with washing and boiling meat, hmmm instead of complaining and saying I didn’t want to do it because I would smell and meat stinks and it takes forever to clean them properly. I smile broadly internally, thinking about how much meat I will have access to when I have boiled and grilled it in the oven. I want to taste die?? I will taste and taste and taste!

My mum and our househelp used to tease me then saying that when I am cooking for my husband, I will finish eating all the meat before the stew is ready. Basically, I will serve him rice without meat because I would have eaten it all. I used to laugh about it then but now I am wondering if this is true. I bought some chicken, lamb and shaki today on my way back from work and cleaned and boiled them and mehn, the chicken is half gone, the lamb is mostly gone and I am so ashamed of myself. As I was eating the lamb and chicken I kept remembering my mum’s and our house help words and it just cracked me up.

In the process, I remember this really crap song by Maleke and Samsong – a friend sent me the link on facebook ages ago, while I was still in uni and we all laughed at the video. I think the fact they look really serious in the video makes it even funnier, for me sha. My best bit is when the lady in red goes ‘who stole the meat from the cooking pot..’ lol and also the end. I hope you enjoy and laugh a little watching it.

PS: if you have any ideas on how to preserve pieces of meat to ensure they are not eaten before the stew is ready kindly share.


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8 thoughts on “Who stole the meat from the cooking pot?

  1. Looll!!! Omgoodness I know what u mean!! I just finished eating 3 pieces of meat and one ese eran now and as usual after eating, I started telling myself I shouldn’t have.
    If u find a remedy pls share.
    Lol @ the video!

  2. Who stole the meat from the cooking pot, is it you number 1? Who me? Yes you. It couldn’t be. Then who?
    That’s the song as I remember it as a kid.
    As for guarding the meat.. I usually use a hot spoon 😀

  3. hahahaha @ the play ryhme…..hmm..don’t really have a solution o.

  4. Well, its in the genes darling. no remedy. people like me are Miss Moderation in meat :p

    Do remember this post when you want to flog the life outta ya kid for stealing meat from your cooking pot. its in the genes 🙂

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