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The ‘manly’ meeting

To keep this short sweet and brief…

DT and my dad met yesterday :).

From the smile I am sure you can tell it went well.

It was an interesting meeting and I wish I sat in the living room as they discussed but I had to cook with my aunt to get lunch ready so I could eavesdrop a little. lol

DT won’t tell me what they discussed – apparently it is ‘man business’. So I am left wondering.

My dad seemed happy, he ‘welcomed’ DT and everyone is happy so I am happy.

So that is that done now…. cheers to a happy future by God’s grace..


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15 thoughts on “The ‘manly’ meeting

  1. and that’s my smile too πŸ™‚

    The countdown begins………….

    Angel, thank you for always reading and commenting. I appreciate.

  2. Im suspecting DT is our in-law, but guess i have to read other posts to confirm…

  3. The countdown begins indeed. πŸ™‚

  4. Heeeeeyyyyy. Thank God it went well o. At least, you already have your fatherly blessings.

  5. You’ve been tagged missy!

  6. Yay. YB met my parents too about 3 weeks back…. No counting down yet tho… Till am done here….

  7. Glad urs went well too

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