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Dubai + Exam results

What can I say unto the lord? All I have to say is thank you Lord!

God heard my cry from this blog. I cannot thank God enough. Not only did I pass those exams, I passed them comfortably. Not close to the 50s – 87, 62 and 61. I am so grateful! May your name be praised forever!

So my darling bloggers – one more exam to go and I AM DONE! Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I really appreciate them.

More good news – a while back I was blogging about how it is appraisal season again and I had to gather feedback from my managers etc. I gathered all the feedback I could. The feedback and myself have been appraised and moderated and I also found out yesterday that once again, I am an exceptional performer and the top of my peer group (all the trainees). For this I also thank God because he has been faithful. In the tough times he has held my hands and directed my feet. Thank you father. As you lead me here, please continue to guide my path and lead me to where you need me to be!


So I have been on holiday this week. Well I left for Dubai on Sunday morning and got back on Thursday night. It was an amazing holiday to say the least. I went with my mum. Other than buying my ticket to go, I didn’t spend a dime of my money because my mum and dad were giving me a ‘gift’ for passing all my professional exams so far. Which was good – I felt like a child again on a parents paid holiday.

My mum has been to Dubai a few times, but she only goes there to buy gold and chill. I told her this time that I wanted to sight see and that we did, ofcourse not without stopping at a few gold stores. That place is hot sha – as in, I stepped out of the airport and I was itching to enter the car picking us up because it was unbelievably hot. On our first night, we did not do much, just basically had dinner with our host at home, gisted (how I love gisting!), watched criminal minds and eventually went to bed.

The next day, my mum was on a mission. the mission was to visit the gold and diamond mall. I was thinking, okay it will be nice to go there as I have heard a lot about the mall and if I get bored, surely I can walk to a store that sells clothes maybe. I guess I should have taken a hint from the name to let me know they only sell gold and diamond there. We ended up spending 3hrs in the same store. Gosh! I am not at this point in my life interested in buying gold. I am only interested in gold gifted to me. My pocket is not yet able to handle that kind of buying habits. Maybe it will be one day but I am glad I am in London where you don’t have to wear gold everywhere. Anyway, my mum tried to convert me, but I just wasn’t having it. I think she was slightly disappointed. I offered my opinion on what she was buying sha – afterall, I am her only girl so what is hers is mine.

Luckily, the day we went to the gold and diamond mall, the gold price was very low so we got a bargain. However, by the next day, the gold price in the world had gone up again. So had we not bought what we did the day before, we would have had to pay a lot more the following day. We also washed/clean our old gold and they came back looking brand new. Me I only cleaned the ring my mum gave me last year and boy did it look new. I even contemplated selling it :p.

The next day, we planned to go sight saying, day and night sight seeing on the tour bus. So we bought tickets for that and also tickets for the night after for the desert safari. We used the tour bus as our taxi because we bought the ticket where we could jump on and off at any time as the bus comes every 30 minutes. It was cheaper than getting a taxi around. The tour bus took us to the gold souk (gold market) where we got off and had a look around. Its quite similar to naija proper big markets, only neater. We walked around and then I decided to buy a pashmina. The store man was very friendly and went as far as asking my mum for my hand in marriage. Joker! Anyway we haggled the price down to a abrgain and left with 7 pashminas. He also gave me a belly dancing outfit to try on and try to convince me to buy it. I tried it on over my clothes, took a picture and said no thank you.

It was very hot, especially during the day. So most places we went to, we got free bottled water. For example, on the tour bus, there was a fridge filled with complimentary bottles of water. Also, in the gold and diamond mall, the shop we were in, they had water for us and even made us tea (I don’t understand drinking tea in the hot weather so I politely rejected it). In the gold souk, as soon as we entered the gold store, the man went and brought out 2 bottles of water and 2 cans of Miranda for us. All free!

For anyone planning on going to Dubai and not quite sure what to do, my recommendation would be, if you do nothing else, make sure you do the desert safari! It was amazing, to be honest,  I enjoyed the dinner at the end the most. I posted a few pictures below. The price you pay is inclusive of the dune bashing, falcon show, camel ride, 2 course delicious dinner and as many drinks as you like, not to forget henna and a belly dancer. Also they pick you up and drop you back at your hotel or a meeting point all for less than $100 per person.

The 4×4 cars we were in for the dune bashing.

The camels for the camel ride – they stunk!

The camp site and the delicious main course meal (buffet)

The delicious starter and the belly dancer!

I could go on and on but I will stop here. If anyone has any questions I will be very happy to help and answer. You can email me on angelsbeauties at or leave a comment here!


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11 thoughts on “Dubai + Exam results

  1. Congratulations girl…. Everything na double double.

    I’m so jealous abt your trip. I wish I could go on a vacation. Looks like you had a good time 🙂

    • I had a great time! I definitely recommend it! Treat yourself to one. Everyone deserves one holiday a year or at least one in 2. *sigh* I am counting down to when I can start saving for the next holiday!

      Thanks by the way 🙂

  2. Congrats Babe. I am beyond thrilled for you.

  3. Well done Angel! I’m proud to know ya :p

    Sounds like you had a great holiday. I’m so green right now!

  4. chyllee on said:

    Thank God! Congratulations on your results, appraisal and life in general. God bless!

  5. So, you had a hell lot of time in Dubai

  6. Congratulations :). I can now root for MimiB…

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