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Facebook chatting up

Okay, some men and maybe women need to stop chatting up people on facebook. I mean, yes if you want to go down the facebook dating line, all well and good, but measured steps, don’t try to get into the person’s pant in your first message. Just a tip!

I am sure you all receive the random emails here and there but for me, this takes the cake. I received this today. Enjoy!

“hey pretty pic u got there, d name u already know and am not very good at internet frolicking..but cld not help it this time.
would definitely love to get to know u some more,.
looking forward to your anticipated reply that conveys equal and mutual thoughts of friendship….lest i forget, i would give anything to kiss dose lips of urs and your hairdo is great..dnt freak out, was just saying my mind.i can be nice,friendly, naughty and playful…lol.depends on the part of me that you want.besides you look good and wonder if you ever model,not asking u to come and model o, jes asking cos i do it….and u nt being a model does nt mean i dont still wanna be ur friend..i really would love tocos am a model too..jes would give anything to know about u”

What more can I say??? DELETE!

Have a lovely week!

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6 thoughts on “Facebook chatting up

  1. Lol @ delete. The power of the Internet is that absolutely “anybody is on it”

    • You know! Lol! I don’t have a problem with, but don’t invade my ‘privacy’ lol. If you want to be friend’s don’t talk about kissing me! Lol *sigh*

      There is even another story. I’ll prolly share that in my next blog! *sigh* I just tend to attract these people.

  2. B4 nko? Automatic delete. No time for rubbish. Pisses the life outta me…. Some go as far as giving orisirisi details. Did I ask u?

  3. *Rolling* Lwkmd.

    The moral of the story? There are a lot of desperate, weird men out there. Beware!

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