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WAH + Toasters + Insurace semi fraud


For those not conversant with the meaning of the acronym WAH, it means ‘Working At Home’. That is what I am doing today, well I lie, this morning. Truth is I have been feeling like I got hit by a car. I have heard that term being used a million of times and I always wondered why people exaggerated until I felt it for myself. I have the good old FLU, abi influenza or whatever it is called. Pounding headache, I feel like I have a golf ball in my throat, basically a lumpy sore throat, manly sneezing and not to forget, running a bit of temperature. So I informed them at work I wasn’t coming in today as the doctor said I should stay in bed, but as I had a lot of work to do anyway, I offered to finish the urgent ones this morning, which I have now completed.

The issue is, I am too restless to stay in bed all day, but even I know I need to rest. Which brings me to my next query, how does rest cure flu? Because I just don’t get it. People say rest and you will be fne, sleep it off. How can doing nothing make you feel better. Who am I complain or query it, I shall pop to the shops to buy my flu meds, honey and lemon and then come back home and force myself to sleep. If I can’t sleep, I will just make sure I stay in bed. Being ill sucks! To think I have loads planned for the weeked.

Dear body, please respect yourself and get well soon. Preferably at the latest, by the end of today. Love you loads – signed: Management.

So I went to Boots to kit up and medicines, bought a bottle of lemon and honey as well to soothe my throat. As I was climbing up the stairs to my flat, I finally understood why they said REST. I felt really heavy and tired and struggled to climb up the stairs. Anyways, I am back in my bed, warmly tucked in.  Each time I feel like I am getting better and I get off my bed to stand, the headache starts again. Thank God I have apples and grapes on my bed with me.. they shall be my lunch and hopefully by dinner the headache spells will have disappered.

Seeing as I have nothing else to do, I might as well catch up on my blogging. So what is the first topic….


Other than the facebook ones, I had an ‘experience’ about a month or so ago. It as during my bi monthly nigerian food shopping. There are 2 asian shops about a 10 minutes walk away from where I live and they stock plantain, meat, fish, crayfish etc, you get my drift. One sells garden egg, the other doesn’t. As I like garden egg soup, I end up visiting both shops. So as I was in the first shop buying my garden eggs, I noticed this man there, but I didn’t give him a second thought or glance because I had a long day and I just wanted to buy and go back home cook and sleep! Anyway, he smiled at me and left the store, I nodded politely and carried on with my business. Afterwards, I walked to the next shop to buy my okra and things. As I was negotiating with the butcher to give me a good deal on the lamb and goat meat I was buying, I heard “excuse me”. Without looking, I moved out of the way because I assumed that was what the person wanted. Then the person walked in the other direction and then walks back and says “You look a bit stressed”. Then I looked up and realised it was Mr man from shop 1. *sigh*

My policy is always to be polite, in every circumstance, except the situation warrants patience that I am not able to give, which I am praying about by the way. So I smiled back at him and continued haggling with my butcher. He stood there. Then he started telling me about how he just moved to Reading. I said okay, welcome. He paid for his goods, I paid for mine and then he follows me out of the door. At this point, I am hoping that his house is on the way to mine so he doesn’t follow me home and know where I live. Plus, I couldn’t be too rude and give him attitude and then he will now be waiting for me at the bus stop the next day on my way home. So I politely held a conversation with him, not giving away too much.

His name is ‘Randy’, but his yoruba name is X ( I don’t remember) and that from my accent, he can tell I am Nigerian (kudos to him – to those who say I am loosing my naija accent go sitdun!), he used to live in Bristol, he moved to Reading, today is his 4 weeks anniversary, do I cook, what do I do, how long have I been in Reading etc etc. Then as we approached where he was turning off the road, he started asking for my phone number. After I have told him I have a boyfriend, plus I don’t believe there was any basis for a genuine friendship between both of us. I sha said I will give him next time I see him. He said no, that I should give him now, as I was about to give him my ‘fake number’ he said oh, he forgot his phone in Bristol. I started thinking to myself, in this day and age, who dey forget phone? okay obviously that is a silly question, but how a you move from one city to another and forget your phone where you are coming from, and even after 4 weeks, you still don’t have the phone. I sha said nothing. Then he started going on about how he can cook, the the story changed to he can’t cook but he likes food so we should go out for dinner sometime and I can show him Reading. I told him I don’t know Reading either, I live here from Sunday – Friday for work and go to London at the weekends. *sigh* a bit too much information sef.

Then he asked me for my email address, so he can email me his phone number. I not used to being asked for email address, so a sI have like 6, I gave him one I don’t really use, i just check it occassionally. True to his word, he emailed like a couple of days later. I had even forgotten, but the email address randy pandy @ somethin .com. I started thinking this has got to be spam and then I read it and low and behold it was from Randy. What an email address though! I mean is Randy really a name? Pardon me if your child, parent, sibling or best friend is called Randy, it just sounds slightly dodgy. In his email he goes on to tell me about how when he got home that evening, his flat had been robbed, they stole him laptop etc. Now it could have been the truth and at the same time it could have been a massive lie. I don’t know him from anywhere, so I just deleted the email and said a quick prayer that if it is true, God will see him through. I just didn’t want to get myself tangled into anything i didn’t have time for.

Then another 2 weeks after, he sends another email explaining where he met me and who he was and he was hoping we could meet up somewhere. Once again, DELETE. I am sorry Randy if you ever read this, but good luck in your search for friends. Maybe target a male next time, someone who would not be scared he might go mad one day and do the nasties when she is vulunerable. Then your man friends can then introduce you to female friends maybe. Try that sha.

Obviously, I am hoping and praying I don’t bump into him again. I have’nt been back to those shops since then. Maybe in another month. I shall go to Peckham on Saturday, health permiting, to do my nigerian food shopping.

Next on my list of joblessness is …..

Insurance semi fraud

My colleague was giving me a lift home from work on day in December I think or was it November when he hit the car in front of us and in essence, we had an accident. I think I blogged about it that day, click here. Long story short, the car he hit had little damage and his own car had a lot of damage. So after the whole insurance business was sorted, he then sends me a text in like June/July, I don’t remember saying that his insurance people have been in touch with him and apparently, as a passenger in his car, I am entitled to about £3,000-£5,000! I was like err… is this at your expense, because if it is at your expense I do not want it, regardless, other than a bit of shock, I was fine, no injuries or anything. He said they were going to call me anyway and it is not at his expense. So I said fine.

Lo and behold, they called me. They asked me if I was in the accident I said yes and they went on to explain that usually, insurance companies put some money asside for passengers in an accident just incase they get sued in the future and that seeing as the money is available anyway I might as well claim it. See me thinking about free money. I said okay, so is there a criteria. She then asks me what happened to me after the accident, did I experience any pain, was I in shock, did my back hurt. I said other then the first few minutes absorbing what happened, I was fine. He goes okay that they are going to pass me on to their lawyers and if they ask me if I felt any discomfort after the accident I should say yes, that my neck and back was hurting for a few days. At this point, my heart started beating. You see, I don’t know how to lie and be dishonest. I have a very sensitive conscience which I thank God for. So I told Mr insurance thief that I do not feel comfortable with lying and he was like it is not lying etc. Basically, I felt like I wa sbeing cornered into a situation I didn’t want to be in. Then I made up my mind, I will play along, with my own surprise up my sleeves. They connected me to the lawyer, after speaking with him for a few minutes, he then asked me whether I had any injury after the accident, I said NO! I tried to tell the clerk so I won’t waster your time but he wouldn’t listen. Other than a bit of shock which is normal, I was perfectly find after the accident. He went to apologise and explained that the call centre get paid on a referal basis, so they have an incentive to encourage people to lie so they can refer them to the lawyers.

Well at least, I told him the truth. I was a bit disappointed I missed out on good money, but hey, good health versus £5,000 and being on a wheel chair or in a hospital or in pain? Good health trumps!


Thats all folks!

PS: If you managed to read it to the end, please I have a few questions for you:

How do you politely say no to men / women who want oyur phone number?


PPS: An unknown number keeps calling me and each time I pick up the person cuts off the phone!!!


Finally PPSSPS: sorry I haven’t really edited this blog. 🙂


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13 thoughts on “WAH + Toasters + Insurace semi fraud

  1. First of all lol @ the insurance thing. You are usually asked to play dead after an accident.. One thing we can’t do, kpele..
    As for the number thing, usually a NO will do. A firm one. Keep repeating it audibly if possible and most times the guy will back off. If he doesn’t back off slowly while saying iy.

  2. SMH at the Insurance people, see how they would have just implicated you.

    As per annoying people who harass your for your number? Er, who says you have to be polite? Just kidding. You could say something like “I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s a good idea”. or “I can’t give you my number. I’m sorry”

    Get well soon dear. Having the flu sucks big time.

  3. Sorry to hear about your cold dear, its flying round town. I am nursing one here.

    The insurance fraud story is a serious lol. We thank God for delivering us from such temptations!

    Annoying toaster: A firm no I am rabid about my privacy will do. or you sweetly smile and tell him to give you his.
    I am also one of the fake number givers. not fake really, an unused phone number. ;). Have a great week dear..

  4. Hope you are feeling better
    Regarding giving out your telephone number……a firm ‘Sorry, NO’ should do

  5. Hilarrr! Dami you are too funny! Can’t believe I’ve slept on this blog!

    As for the guys and numbers, I usually just say “thanks, it’s ok”. They tend to leave it after a few failed attempts at trying to understand what I mean by “it’s ok”. If that fails, then I pull out the trusty Spanish accent and pretend I can only string a few sentences together in English (if the guy believes this then he is actually a certified didirin. Did I start talking to you in a Spanish accent?!)

    *I digress*

    Well done, looking forward to more of the same DB xx

  6. Had to come find this post… Ur insurance friends have struck… lol… “URGENT! Our records indicate that you may be entitled to 2750 for the accident you had… ” Like seriously. Where was I when the accident happened? lol.. O ga o

    • on said:

      Loool! Don’t mind them, its like they like wishing people ill fate. That’s how they make their money! May we never need to claim anything from them. Lol!

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