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Will you marry me?


LOL jokes, not me, my friends!

So my favourite couple got engaged recently!!!!!! I have been so busy,  I have not had time to blog about it.

A bit of background.

Let’s call the girl ‘Simbi’, and the guy ‘Ali’.

Ali and Simbi started at my university the same year as I did. However, Ali and Simbi knew each other from Nigeria, so they had been ‘friends’ before they started at uni.

Anyway, we became fast friends, hung out together loads, especially myself and Simbi. A couple of weeks into Uni, or less, they became a couple. To be honest, I thought they were one before it became official. They were just too cute together, very likeable. You see them and you knew instantly they are a couple. BUT, you never saw them kissing or canoodling in public, in fact, the first time I probably saw them hugging in an intimate way was probably 3 years after they had been dating. I really respected them for this, in fact I respected them for a whole load of things but, that is not what this blog is about.

Anyway, so we all knew they were going to get engaged at some point, question was when. In my head I decided they will get married after their older siblings got married. So as the older siblings started getting married, I happily counted down and then it was her turn!

Like most girls do, we talked about weddings, proposals, colours (yes, wedding colours.. don’t judge me! LOL), bride’s maids names, if he would have enough groom’s men to pair them up with, etc. Name it, we talked about it. We tried to guess when we would get engaged (I can see the guy’s reading this cringing.. lol). Well, I mostly tried to guess her’s because I am still a novice on this boat. Anyway so we kinda came to the conclusion it would not be this year, maybe next year.

Now, this next issue was my own personal worry. Simbi is a very inquisitive and intelligent lady. The thing is that this curiosity and inquisitiveness can play at her disadvantage sometimes. I mean, to surprise this girl ehn, you will sweat! She just wants to know everything and she very easily puts two and two together. I remember when we tried to plan a surprise 21st party for her a few years ago, this girl knew! Instead of her to relief us from our misery, I mean, we were walking on egg shells around her! Instead as we all hurried into the restaurant to sit down before she got back from the bathroom, she walked back to the table and tried to feign being surprise.. *sigh* I was quite disappointed.

Anyway, so after that failed attempt, we tried again for her birthday this year and I must say we managed to keep her out of the loop until she walked into the flat and saw a streamer saying “happy birthday Simbi” (in hindsight, we should have removed the streamer from that position). Anyway, she was still surprised and shed a tear or two. Mission accomplished.

I thought that was all the surprise she was getting this year. Anyway, back to why I was saying her curiosity could get the best of her sometimes. I began to worry that Ali would not be able to propose to her as a surprise and she would guess what he was planning and ruin the surprise. However, Ali is an equally intelligent man!

So, after years of dating, it was their anniversary and Simbi told me Ali was sending a car to pick her up that morning to take her to a secret location. My engagement mind was already preset and the alarms were ringing, but I said nothing about it. I just told her to let me know the secret location when she finds out. Turns out the secret location was a UK airport. The driver pulled up at the airport and there he was, standing with a suitcase and 2 passports! They were off to an extremely romantic European destination (not Paris). At this point I said “baby girl, you are so coming back with a rock”. My darling Simbi said “No, Angel, seriously, he hasn’t saved enough. I promise you he isn’t going to propose”. Then Ali too sent me a message. He nearly fooled me! He said “Angel, please don’t raise Simbi’s hopes. I don’t want her to get disappointed at the end of the day if it doesn’t happen”. At which point I told him she was a big girl and will be fine.

So now, she kept me up to date with the highlights of the trip while they were there. Apparently he had bought her this beautiful dress and she tried it on and loved it and then she was saying to him how she wished she had brought shoes, because obviously she didn’t know she was leaving the country and so did not pack any shoes. He then brings out a pair of shoes and matching bag that went beautifully with the dress. She told me this and once again, the engagement bells were ringing in my head. I really wonder how she didn’t see that coming, but I am glad she didn’t. LOL.

 Anyway, as I was down with the flu, I went to bed unusually early. Just before midnight, my phone started buzzing at some point and I was too tired to pick it up. I eventually did and I saw a message from my girl saying “He did it”. first of all, I had to ask myself some questions to make sure I wasn’t dreaming or hallucinating as I sometimes do when I am ill. I was like “OMG, he did what???” She said He did it! I asked, did he propose? She said yes. I asked did you say yes? She said yes. I then screamed and my flu left my body for like an hour or so. She promised to give me the full details the following day. Extremely filled with excitement, I had to spread the news (yes I know, town crier!).

I called DT first, bearing in mind that the last time we spoke, he told me to go to bed and rest and we had said our good nights. My call came in pretty much as soon as he got home and dude was worried (sorry baby). I then shared the great news. He said that was great news, extended his congratulations and then sent me back to bed! Lol, but I couldn’t sleep! I had to speak to my other friends that we had been speculating this engagement with together. Eventually, I went to bed but when I woke up, I had to make sure it actually happened. Can I just say I predicted it thank you!

The proposal itself was just too romantic. When she told me, I actually shed a couple of tears, I mean, OMG! It was just too beautiful! *sigh*

So that was how my Simbi got engaged. I have written enough for one blog but boy – I am so pleased she got surprised and sooooo pleased they are engaged. They deserve each other, he makes her happy, she makes him happy. They are both lovely God-fearing people. I just wish them all the happiness in this life and peace and a fruitful marriage!

I mean, we have a wedding to plan!! Wooohoooooo! xxx

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11 thoughts on “Will you marry me?

  1. Love this!
    Keep up the good work and ill keep visiting your blog 🙂

    -Chris Styles

  2. Awww, that was so beautiful. God bless them…

  3. When I read the title, I thought your bf popped the question.

  4. Lovely, lovely…
    I have to admit I’m not much of a romantic and I dont like surprises so I got hubby to do it quick and clean……….

    I must be a boring gal! LOL

  5. Hadassah on said:

    aww…lovely post and lovely writing. First time here….i will be be back!

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