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Today it’s all about faith, yup, the one described in the bible.

Have you ever wondered why your prayer’s are not being answered? Well I always wondered why some of my prayers were answered and the others were not. I came up with things like well, God probably doesn’t think I need this now or maybe it is not important and in some cases I even pretended I did not pray about it in the first place.

I am a christian, I have accepted Christ as my lord and saviour and I say I love that man and his father, God, with all my heart. Recently I have been evaluating this love. Love! I love DT, I can honestly say think about DT more than I think about God. But I say I love God? I believe God created the earth, he created me, what God has done is beyond words but yet, I have to make time to pray to him and worship him or even read my bible. The realisation of this hit me hard. I should love God above everything/one!

I barely pray 5 minutes a day yet when the going gets tough I expect a miracle to happen. Now I know God is not human and he is supreme, but let’s think about this.

If your husband/wife or girlfriend or whoever you can identify with barely even says hello to you in a day and yet they expect you pay the bills, clean the house, drive 100 miles to pick them up and back and yet they say “do not be late darling”. That darling means nothing coming from someone who calls you darling but doesn’t treat you like you are their darling.

They expect you to buy them their dream house and after doing all their numerous requests, they expect you to also work a good job, good enough to pay for your 4 children to go to the best private school. How would you feel? Would you jump at the opportunity to help someone who says they ‘love’ you but never spends any time with you? Would you feel used?

I digress, so back to faith…

A couple of weeks or so ago, DT suggested we start having bible study and just discuss what we read in the bible. I was really pleased to hear this because it’ll make me do what I ought to do anyway and I was going to suggest we did something along those lines as well. I must say, I have learnt a lot. I feel like, my christian life has been renewed, like someone just removed a dark cloth from my eyes and ears and I am finally seeing and hearing clearly. We are not timing ourselves or saying one chapter a day, it is just basically reading and discussing, questioning, finding answers. We did Romans 8 in like a week! That book of the bible has a lot in it, it is too rich. In your spare time, read it and ponder on what it says. Take your time, don’t read it in a hurry.

He suggested I read this book called ‘Faith and Confession – how to activate the power of God in your life’ by Charles Capps. I usually read books in like a few days, a week. As soon as I started reading this book, I knew it was not to be rushed, less I will be at a loss. I am on the 3rd chapter. It is basically as the name of the book describes, faith and confession. The first thing I learnt is this, saying you have faith and that you believe the bible does not mean everything in the bible will come to pass for you. Faith needs to be grown. Even Jesus described faith as a seed.

Also, from my understanding, your level of faith in different aspects of your life can be different. For example, my faith for my exams has been increasing… Why? Because I have written a lot of exams and it has given me time to practice my faith, it has forced me to find what the word says about my exams because I feel helpless when I am revising for them and then I am reminded of God’s word that says in my weakness he is strong and so on. In essence, I am cultivating (remember, faith is a seed) my exam faith, I am watering it, exposing it to some sun light and at harvest time, my faith pulls through.

However, my faith when it comes to healing people or even saying things like “by his stripes I am healed” when I am sick does not heal me. Why? Because I haven’t practised the faith required for healing, I haven’t cultivated it. In fact, I only say it when I am ill. It’s like my spare tire, only it is a flat spare tire which is useless. If you keep a spare tire in your car trunk, what good is it if when you actually need it, it is flat itself? When I realised this or rather when it was explained in the book, I thought, wow! Why didn’t someone explain this to me before.

The bible says in Romans 10 vs 17 – So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

The bible emphasis on hearing by using it twice. It is not coincidence that is says hearing twice. We all say we have faith. But do we really? Are you hearing and hearing the word of God? Are we putting his words into practice? Are we pondering on his words?

If Jesus says faith as tiny as a mustard seed can move mountains. What is the mountain in your life? Has it been moved? But we say we have faith? If this is the same for you as it was for me, then I think it is time we find out how to grow that faith, even for it to grow as big as a mustard seed. Do you know how tiny a mustard seed is? It is very tiny. Yet do you know how big a mustard plant is? Google is your friend. Lol. I had to research this before writing this blog and apparently, a mustard does not grow into a tree as some christians think, it grows into a shrub or bush. I used to think the same until I researched this. Long and short of it is we need faith! Don’t just say you have it… Are mountains being moved in your life?

Another way I visualise this is: I imagine a room filled with everything in this life I have prayed for that is God’s will for me. My dream house, my finances in check, my health and they are in this room with a door. The door is all rusty and the room is filled with cobwebs, because I do not access it enough, I haven’t really opened that door. These are things God has given to me. He has given them to me not he will give them to me. For example, by his stripes I am healed, not by his stripes I will be healed. My access to this door is cultivating my faith. Doing this often enough will open the door to me and grant me access to my inheritance.

The bible goes on to say in James 1, NIV:

2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

Basically, temptation tests our faith. When we are tempted, our faith has the opportunity to grow. Verse 3 and 4 goes on to say that we know (do we?) that the testing of our faith produces perseverance. The definition of which is ‘continuance in a state of grace to the end, leading to eternal salvation.’ Finally, verse 4 ends with.. ‘lacking nothing’. Sometimes we dwell on the the good bits of the bible. We want to lack nothing, but when our faith is tested, do we let it produces perseverance or do we give in to the temptation.

So basically my plea is to christians to sharpen their tool (faith) and cultivate something that brings a good harvest. For those who do not do the God thing any more, especially if you did not know how faith worked then, think about it as buying an iPad but not realising it is touch screen, and then you proceed to throw it in the dustbin wondering why everyone is making a fuss and annoyed that you wasted your money in the first place. But I am now telling you it is touch screen, go back into the bin and pick up the ipad. See for yourself that it works. This is a challenge for me as well.

Good luck and please share your experiences. I’m open to learning more! Xxx

Ps: I am still learning and I still have tonnes of questions but I know they will be answered one after the other.

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