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I know now that I have called this blog haha, that is, laughing at my own joke you won’t find it funny, but OH WELL!

Like most of you know, I have been having driving lessons for a while now, well it is still ongoing and I have decided I am going to do take my practical test end of January / beginning of February, looking to pass first time.

However, my favourite part of driving lesson is when my instructor is screaming press brake! It just cracks me up. It cracks me up because I don’t like him shouting on me when I do something wrong and making me feel silly, so I pay back by giving him cause to scream *press the brake!* Okay I don’t do it on purpose, let’s face it, I love my life.

Today was especially funny, well to me. We were on this road, and the barrier was down to let the train pass through. As it was dark, I couldn’t see there was a right turn after the railway. So when Mr instructor said turn right when the barriers go up, I actually thought it meant I should turn right onto the railway. Before filtering the words out of my mouth, I asked him if he meant on the railway. He said “we will be in for an adventurous night if you do that” – once again, that made me laugh. I had to control myself, because I haven’t mastered the act of driving, so laughing hard and driving could lead to a disaster, so I had to keep my laughing in.

To be honest, I didn’t feel like driving today and when 2 minutes after our appointed time he wasn’t at my flat I was happy, and then I saw the car pull over. I must say, the *press brake!* made it all worthwhile.

Disclaimer: I thought I should do a disclaimer single nigerian man style. Please note that I do not put my driving instructor in a stressful position on purpose and I do not go through roundabouts without looking to my right on purpose, I just assume seeing as I am on a major road, I should always have right of way. I am learning though, and I hope the *press the brake!* episodes dramatically reduce as otherwise I will be no closer to passing my test!

Two blogs in one day, check me out! Don’t say I don’t think about you!


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