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…and the countdown begins!

Deronk at hitnrunmullings just made me realise I haven’t started a birthday countdown yet!!

It is officially 13 days to my birthday!!! Can I hear a WHOOP!!!

I will be a year older and definitely wiser. This last year has been amazing! I can’t think of a significant downer. They have been so many up’s that I am also grateful to God for!

So I am looking forward to starting another year which I believe will be even better than the one I am ending in 13 days!

What do I want for my birthday?? Hmmm… I really can’t think of anything, but the wish list on Deronk’s blog started giving me ideas. To be honest, I am just happy with the plans so far. This birthday is particularly special because I also get to spend it with DT! *sigh*

Excited much!!! Woohooo!

PS: I am still going to do the versatile blogger thing but I am thinking of 7 things to blog about lol 7 is too short! Watch this space xoxo.

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8 thoughts on “…and the countdown begins!

  1. HBD in advance, thank God for the many blessings you have enjoyed in the past year!

  2. All you ’ember’ babies 🙂

  3. Lol. Def would keep 16th in mind…. Lucky you. This year am so spending it without any immediate family member around or YB… #sadmuch… And it is a Saturday to make matters worse. Wish YB can like just surprise me and fly in… In my dreams ba?

    • on said:

      Awwww well 1. You never know, he just might do that and 2. I would think about it this way, your birthdays from next year onwards will be spent with him and will be better than this year! 🙂 happy birthday in advance. Xxx


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