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Go Angel, it’s your birthday! *dances around the room*

It’s my birthday!!!!!!!!!

Thank God for another year. Last year was my best year yet and by God’s grace the I’ve just started will be even better! Thank you father for your love, grace and direction! I appreciate you sooo much!

Woohooo! So, the calls are coming in, facebook has kept me in and out of sleep, bbm too.. But enjoying every second of it! I shall maximise today!

As I get up this morning to shower get dressed to go to work….. There is a HUGE smile on my face. More details later of how my day went and ofcourse as always, my yearly birthday picture shall be up later.. Probably from my party on saturday! Anyhuz! Have a lovely day because I know I will!


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10 thoughts on “16/11/2011

  1. Oooo.. Happy birthday! Hope u have a blast today

  2. Wooohoooo!!!!Happy Birthday hun!! Xxx

  3. Happy birthday dearie. May God continue to bless and keep you. May His face continue to shine on you. Long life and prosperity. He would continue to lead and guide you in all you do. His presence would continually be with you. Omo rere, ise rere (from one level to another). And you and DT, many more years together. Do have fun today and this new year. xoxo

  4. Happy birthday dear!

  5. This is late, but oh well… I hope you had a wonderful birthday 🙂

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