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Ultimate blog catch up

Hi lovelies!!

I have been so busy (yes that is always the excuse you get for people not blogging)! But it is true though!

How is every one doing? – Fine! Very good!

So my birthday was last week Wednesday and let’s just say this year, I had the best birthday ever! I am sure you much have gathered that I love my birthdays and I make a big deal about it every year. Let’s just say DT caught on to that fact and he made sure I had a great one.

First of all, we had a get together the saturday before my birthday. It was well attended. There was loads of food and drinks to go round. We just worried for nothing. We thought the food would not be enough. It was more than! I am just pleased everyone had a great time. I could go on and on about that Saturday but I won’t bore you with the details. Just a quick photo of c’est moi and one of my presents…. I’ll let you guess what the present is (the answer is below). The pictures are a bit grainy but oh well.

 So let’s get to the gifts.. hmmm I got some lovlies from my lovely DT lol (between me and him) plus a bunch of amazing flowers *looks towards the flowers in the vase and smiles*

Then my lovely friends.. *sigh* the same ones who got me the flat screen tv last year for my birthday (click here), yes the same ones, the got me a Kenwood cake mixer this year!!

As some of will know, I loveeeeeeeee baking! As in seriously love baking. I have always wanted a cake mixer but I just saw them as too expensive and never got round to buying one. Not only did they buy me a cake mixer, I got 4 hummingbird baking books also in the picture and a 5th book but not hummingbird. I am so excited to start trying everything in the book. For now, I just stare at the box in my kitchen and I smile. I don’t want to get the mixer dirty yet!

Other than the lovely cake mixer and baking books, I got shop vouchers, perfumes, 5 bottles..hahah they should last me a while. Chocolate, 2 clutch purses, a dress, cake tins, bedroom slippers, trinket box, a bodyshop nail gift set (but I don’t know who gave this to me, there was no card in the bag but thank you whoever you are!) seriously I could go on. As you know, I love gifts, so I took a picture of a mini cross-section of the gifts but most of them are in bags but oh well, I couldn’t help myself.

 On my birthday, I went to work as usual and one of my colleagues baked me a cake! not the same one that baked last year, a different one. I could actually get used to this. Lol. I also baked a lemon drizzle cake and cookies for my colleagues. It was a hit ;). After work, we went bowling (not for my birthday, it was just coincidence). Then my darling came down to Reading after work, we went for dinner in this amazing restaurant. I still think about the meal I had, the lamb was the most tender lamb I have ever eaten. My stomach saluted it. All in all, the actual day was an amazing day. Thank you to fellow bloggers who stopped by to say happy birthday as well.

Other than the party on the Saturday before, I went to see Sarah Millican (a comedian) the day after my birthday. She was actually quite funny. A lot better than Michael Flannigan (is that his name?), well at least in my opinion. The finale of the birthday celebrations is on Tuesday, going to watch Matilda in theatre! Did you guys see the Matilda movie? Well it used to be my favorite, so I am looking forward to seeing it.

All in all, I have had an amazing birthday month so far and I am grateful to God for everything! My parents, my supporting uncle and aunty, my lovely boyfriend, my siblings, my friends and of course to you, yes you reading!


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5 thoughts on “Ultimate blog catch up

  1. Lati ojo yi. Been waiting for pics. lol.. Glad you had fun jare….

  2. 🙂 Happy birthday in arrears.. Looks like you had mad fun

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