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More countdowns

ME again! 2nd blog in less than an hour but I hardly have time this days so I am making use of this rare opportunity.

So countdowns! Yup, counting down again but for 4 things this time. 1 is DT’s birthday *Woooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo* which is coming up in less than 2 weeks.

I am probably more excited about his birthday than he is but I believe some of my excitement will rub off on him. So I finally came up with the perfect birthday present for him and I was so excited keeping this as a surprise. That is how I called my darling boo last week Sunday, thank God for the instinct to call him. I asked him where he was and he said he was at the mall buying himself what I was already going to buy him! Luckily I was at the mall at the same time so I told him to stop in his tracks and wait for me. LOL. So of course my surprise was ruined. I had to explain to him why he shouldn’t buy it because it was meant to be his birthday present from me. So he now knows what his present is which is a bit annoying, but I have something else under wraps for that day… oh la la! I am so excited!

Countdown 2 is my trip to Nigeria… woooooooooohoooooooooooo!

I’m going home in less than 3 weeks and I am also mega excited! Looking forward to going to Ijebu for the new year like we do every year, the asun we make in that place is amazing! It’s like from 29th Dec – 2nd of January I am on a strictly meat diet! Obviously looking forward to seeing my mama and papa and my lovely aburos are going home too so mini reunion!

Countdown number 3 is obviously to christmas!

My mama’s birthday is also on christmas day so loads of celebrations. There is something about christmas that puts a smile on my face! It reminds me of the lovely Jesus and there is also loads of food for days!

Countdown number 4 is.. starting in my new team in January.. no picture for that one but I am very expectant.

I am just in a very happy and grateful place right now. For those who are not… to put it simply, count your blessings and see what God has done. If that doesn’t work, try to give yourself a break from being sad b thinking about the good things in your life right now and don’t say there is nothing because that is just a lie. Think hard enough, you will come up with something or more, now dwell on that. I hope and pray things get better for you and you have more and more reasons to smile with each passing day.


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6 thoughts on “More countdowns

  1. Lol @ getting DT’s present. Had a similar issue with YB. Want to get him his birthday gift (don’t mind me, tis still April but it needs a bit of saving). We are talking one day and it occurred to me to ask and am thinking if I ask that would be spoiling the surprise. The thought though just kept coming so I ask which one he would prefer between A and B and he goes B and he is planning on getting it before Christmas. And am like hmmmmm. Anyways he already knows what am getting. It was later I just thought if I hadn’t asked I would have bought A and he would have bought B and my gift woulda been useless. So I guess spoiling the surprise was worth it.

    Enjoy 9ja o. For some of us, we wish we are in your shoes

    • This men eh! They can’t go a few weeks or months without their gadgets :p. In these situations I guess its good they spoilt their surprise.

      I will enjoy it o! It’s been too long! I look forward to my once a year visit. Don’t worry you’ll be back soon!

  2. Your blog makes me smile!
    You’re such a happy lady!! Love it!
    Stay happy! I like happy people! 🙂 x

  3. I def wish I was the one going to naija. Happy birthday in advance to DT and your mum, and merry Christmas too.

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