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Air freshner / Holiday body (NOT!) / “I am not my hair”/ Pregnant females / AOB

Hello, Good day, Good night, Good everything! Hope all is well!

Yesterday was DT’s birthday and I had an amazing time planning a plan B surprise for him as he ruined all the other surprises I had in store for him. He knew I was up to something but I am sure he couldn’t guess. Long story short, we both had an amazing time and my baby is a year older!

Back to the reasons I am blogging today. Let’s address them one at a time.

Air ‘freshner’

Do these things really freshen the air? I mean, they are more of a nuisance to my nose than the smell I am trying to cover up. I don’t use them that often, but when I do I am disappointed at the result. I stopped buying them for a while because I concluded they are just a waste of money.  Then I stumbled on the brand febreeze which seemed to work for a while but now it is just as annoying and nose invasive as the others. Well to me. They make me sneeze and irritate my nose. Does any one have a better experience with air fresheners? If yes, please what brand is it?

Holiday body (NOT!)

So off to Nigeria next week and my body is far from in shape. Not like I will be swooning around in a bikini or anything, but a girl got to feel light mehn. I made the beautiful mistake of checking out 9jafoodie blog and boy it made my mouth water! I mean, girl can cook!!! She has added to my to do list… i am suppose to be writing about how I want a holiday body and I am already thinking about the next thing to cook! Someone help me! All the christmas dinners and lunch have not been helping. I tell you last week alone, I went for 3 christmas meals! I have another tomorrow and then a party on Saturday and then another christmas meal upper Wednesday. Kai!!!! All I want for christmas is a flat tummy!!

“I am not my hair”

So, after a lot of deliberation, I have decided to give ‘my’ Brazilian hair a break for the holidays and concentrate on my hair. I guess other than motivating myself to do this, my on and off hair dresser’s reaction to my hair was enough to seal the deal. She made such a dramatic reaction to my hair to the extent that the lady at the nail bar had to come and have a look at what she was oohhing and laing about. I mean.. there isn’t anything special or too worrying about my hair. It has just broken into pieces because I haven’t been treating it right. But that stops here and NOW! It’s time to show you love dear hair. Other than the fact the lady just assumed I was going to cut my hair and was telling me pick hair cut styles (that woman get liver sha – does she know how long it took for my hair to grow as short as it is now?!).  I politely told her not to raise her hopes. I came here to relax my hair and that is all I will be doing thank you (the devil is a liar). Of course she took offence and told me never to reject a professional’s advice. *sigh* At this point, I had to caveat my statement so that she won’t take her anger out on my non-existent hair. So I explained that I am not cutting my hair at this point in time, but I will think about it and get back to her. Even if I decide to cut it, I am not going back to her, she sounds too scissors happy for my liking before I leave the salon bald!

So dear hair.. I shall do the cringing walk of shame to the hair shop to buy a wig… *yes a wig!* so I can take care of you properly. Wish me luck!

Pregnant females

I wrote sometime ago how pregnancy and childbirth scared me. I can gladly say I am overcoming that fear and I am actually looking forward to it more and more. What baffles me however it the way some pregnant womenladies, girls, females carry themselves, especially the ones that wear ill-fitting clothes or have the skin of their tummy out there. I just feel like the baby is not protected. I love seeing pregnant women carry themselves gracefully. I am fully aware that carrying the weight of another person doesn’t exactly help on the graceful side of things, but women should have a code of conduct which is –  ‘make pregnancy look sexy!’.

I mean, I saw this pregnant girl standing in front of this Thai restaurant by my house, her hair not combed, standing at akimbo, and I had to look at the expression on her face to make sure she isn’t about to drop the child right there because I couldn’t think of any other reason why any lady would be looking like that outside her bathroom. There is also this lady I see often that walks with her two legs apart as if the head of the baby is already coming out. She is about 4/5 months pregnant. *sigh* I know sometimes they can’t help it or they are just tired, but seeing graceful pregnant women just makes me smile. In fact sometimes I bbm my good friend Versace (graceful pregnant woman spotting) to let her know I have just seen a beautiful pregnant woman that makes me want to have babies! I promise, I am normal!


Last but not the least, I just found out my family friend got engaged! Mega excited! He won’t give me details but I shall be scouting for them tomorrow as it is now past midnight! Good news all over! Wohoooo


Goodnight lovelies!




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13 thoughts on “Air freshner / Holiday body (NOT!) / “I am not my hair”/ Pregnant females / AOB

  1. It’s obvious you hate air fresheners,but there are very good ones with heavenly fragrances.Meanwhile,stay away from 9jaFOODie’s blog if you’re thinking of staying in shape,gurl can turn a skinny person into an elephant by merely visiting at her blog.

  2. About the Air fresheners…I hope you don’t “overuse” them? Because I use Febreeze and I think its fantastic.

    lol@ a-9ja-great…just by merely visiting? dont mind him

    Please take care of your hair, and if your hair starts breaking, then you should think of getting that hair cut.

    About the pregnant sisters…I feel you big time.

    • Lol okay I will try again and use just a puff this time maybe it will be different.

      He isn’t far from right though lol the thing tire me. As for my hair mehn I shall look after it o lol I have cut and cut it in d past and it doesn’t grow! I just want it to be healthy. Even popping hair related vitamins sef. Let’s see how it goes.

      Gld I’m not the only one with the feelings for pregnant women.

  3. Lol @ Pregnant women.
    As for the air freshener, you are not alone, my nose crinkles up and I start sneezing like mad when I come around them. Have not found a solution as at yet. Will let you know when I do :).
    I can see changes 😀

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  5. Hairstylists have a thing about doing your hair their own way, its like if you don’t do their style they try to guilt trip you afterwards. Well done!

  6. Wish DT a happy birthday from me o…. And enjoy ur trip to 9ja. Truth is even if u become a size 0 in a week by the time u r back from 9ja, that flat tummy is off. Enjoy ur trip.. Wish I were in ur shoes.
    Lastly, as for the pgs, idk o but I get amused when I see quite a number of them too and at some point too I was scared of getting pg. But I have made up my mind that am gonna rock my pregnancies and they shalt not rock me… *big smile*

  7. Hope you are rocking Naija big time 🙂

    Like you I love seeing well dressed pregnant women. They make my womb leap for joy. That pix of a pregnant Demi Moore never fails to make me ooh ahh. See ripeness. We are wonderfully made joo.

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