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On a down side

I know I am always on a high when I blog, well most of the time. Today something has been on my mind and despite all my efforts, it won’t go away so i thought I should share and maybe someone will have some insight into this.


How is it that the same people, a man and a woman, that start off being madly in love, can’t do anything without the other, loving everything about each other, get married, look so happy on their wedding day and then afterwards the marriage goes down hill. They become strangers, they hate each other, can’t stand their sight, wondered how they got to the place they currently find themselves, struggle to compliment one another?

I have seriously wondered this for too long and I know some may think the answer is obvious. In this situation, I am not talking about those who go into marriage just to be a Mrs or a Mr or just because the clock is ticking, or pressures from the world. I mean those who are walking into it knowing what they should expect, knowing that life won’t always be rosy but signing up for it anyway because they believe they love each other to weather through it all.

So yea, that has been on my mind. Shared it with DT and he said not to worry about that and reminded me of Jeremiah 29 v 11 which reads:

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God does have a plan for me, he has a plan for us, but we need to make sure that whatever we do in life is tuned in to what he has planned for us.


I could only conclude that patience, prayers and both parties making a genuine effort to constantly rekindle the love they once have once it starts cooling off is essential. A ‘I can’t be bothered attitude’ can be costly.

I pray to hear more about happy marriages and less about broken homes.


Have a lovely week!


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7 thoughts on “On a down side

  1. You know I was going to blog about this today when I heard a good friend was planning on filing for divorce. I started wondering what actually goes on. Two seemingly happy people who can’t be outta each other’s sight suddenly don’t wanna be together and I just couldn’t figure out what the issue was.
    Like u said I settled on prayers, true love and God’s grace are what we need to make marriages work. It is just very sad and heart breaking when such happens.

  2. I have just been praying and hoping they sort it out. Really… Cause divorce like sucide isn’t an option but cuz I am not married and haven’t been married, I can’t advice him on what to do or not do.

  3. You know, we only get to see the “front” that is displayed. Its really a big puzzle to me when I see once happy people now on a warpath.

  4. It baffles me as well. I actually know a couple that separated after 30-something years and grown kids. I remember thinking “if they could stand each other this long, why separate now”. Its really sad. But like i heard in a movie recently, “u wont always ‘love’ me, thats why its called marriage. i would get on your nerves and all, coming out of it still together is what makes the difference”. God help us all.
    P.S. Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding. God will keep your home

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