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A bit of everything!


To answer your question, yes I still blog! This girl has been so busy, but hey, that is never a good enough excuse. Other than being busy, I have been thinking of what to break my silence with and nothing seemed worth it, but here I am anyway. I have really missed you guys though! I barely have anytime to read the blogs I love any more. The way I see it though is this, very soon, my exams will be over.. in May to be precise, for ever and ever until I decide to qualify in something else. Post exams, I will have a lot of time, and not to forget post wedding too!

Let’s start with he obvious..

Valentine’s day!

Some hate this day, some love it, others couldn’t care less. What category do you fall under and what did you get up to? As for me, I love this day and always have! Even when I was single, I celebrated valentine’s day with my single friends by hosting a party yearly. We cooked, ate, drank, gossiped chatted and played games. This year’s has actually been the first time I have been in a proper relationship on valentine’s day. So we decided to have a low key one. He came over, I cooked, we ate, chatted, I guess like a normal day but just with gifts and cards. It was fun though :).


I remember my last post I was confessing about how fat I felt after my shopping escapde and Iwas adviced to stop eating pizza. Well, I stopped eating pizza but I started eating everything else. It is like, I suddenly felt the need to eat and I was always hungry. Eating everything and anything, it became worrying. I have decided finally (like I have a choice) to take a hold of my gut. Take control of my mouth, and relinquish the power food has had over me in the last two weeks especially. Something embarassing happened at work actually which has further encouraged me to curb my gut.

Someone in my department had been planning this meal out for all of us for months. We pre-ordered our food and were meant to go for the pub lunch on Tuesday. An hour before lunch, I happened to have a meeting in the canteen that lasted an hour. I usually have my lunch at 12. So right after the meeting, I just walked to the canteen and got myself grilled salmon, roasted potatoes and lovely vegetables. Took my food to my desk ad started devouring it. As I was eating and working, I was wondering why no one was going for lunch as everyone usually does at 12:00. I kept eating regardless. Ten minutes into my meal, people started getting up to go to the pub for lunch and then it dawned on me that I wasn’t suppose to eat! I had to send a message to the organiser to say I wouldn’t be able to come. You thought I was going to say I went for lunch after lunch right? It isn’t that bad yet, thank God! I told one of my colleagues the real reason why I wasn’t coming and he burst into laughter. I would laugh too if I was him. *sigh*

This incident just made it clear that myself and food and forming a very unhealthy relationship. As such, I have to ask myself a few questions before I put anything in my mouth. Do I really want need this food? When was the last time I put something in my mouth? Can water substitute the need to put something in my mouth? Hopefully, these questions should help and also the longing to stay the same size. *sigh* Why can’t one eat without getting fat *hiss*.

The joy’s of enery providers

So, where do I even start with this people. My comfort pad has become misery to me this month. LOL. Na so my electribity provider nack us with a bill of over £1,000 for 3 months supply of electricity. My people, I laughed, but that laugh was not laugh o, I don’t even know the real meaning of the laugh I laughed. They are jokers. That is like over 3 times more than we paid for the last three months. So na, we called them to tell them they are having a BIG laugh and that it is ridiculous, they should explain the bill and although their meter reading is nearly accurate it just doesn’t make sense. We found out we were on the wrong tarriff. So they recalculated our bill for the last year and that only fetched us a £300 discount, which I am grateful for by the way. However…. £300 off £1,000 plus bill is nothing! Because no way I am spending so much money on electricity that I do not think I should be paying for me, I mean! Anyway, I am still praying o for a miracle and for the bill to keep going down. I shall have a testimony soon, AMEN!


Your’s truly is going for a day trip to Paris soon! Really looking forward to it, I need a break and going with 14 other ladies. LOL so it will most likely be full of screams, and fun and laughther. The last time I went to Paris was about 5 years ago and it was alright.. I guess I kinda enjoyed it. But I have a feeling I will enjoy this a lot more. Let’s hope it is GOOD adventurous. Watch this space ;).

I have started enjoying and watching this programme in the UK called one born every minute. I will not say more but if you want to know what it is, check it out here
Have a lovely week xxx
PS: Wedding update is I have none.. well still sorting my dress (although I know what I want etc, just finalising the details).. etc etc… lol details in another blog
PPS: Please pardon my typos x_X

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  1. I’m glad you’re back! I missed you! 🙂

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