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Introducing….The V’s

This blog is just to introduce my lovely friends and sisters… well technically, one of the V’s is a very good friend of mine, practically a sister and her sisters are my sisters by association.

These four ladies are sisters, also known as “DVs” (V1, V2, V3 & V4).

They share a common passion of cooking and baking and had the genuis idea of starting their own baking business. Click here to visit their baking website where you can place orders for delicious cakes.

The ladies have also started their own blog, where the four of them blog separately about their food obsession and share tips and recipes. They currently have some blogs up and I have enjoyed reading every single one of them. Check them out by clicking here. I can vouch for V3’s cooking because I have tasted her cooking. Her cakes are also simply delish! I am sure she learnt from the best (V1 and V2) and I’m also certain V4 is no different! So you will definitely be in good hands.

That’s all folks!

PS: to those who tried accessing my blog yesterday and had the big ugly sign saying my blog was no longer available, I apologise for the inconvenience. Just a misunderstanding with wordpress which has now been sorted! I am still here, *singing* I’m still standingggggggg….. xxx

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4 thoughts on “Introducing….The V’s

  1. Let me go check them out. have a great weekend.

  2. Sharon Salu on said:

    I checked them out. They all look alike, and their cakes look yummy. It’s always good to see young female enterpreneurs. Naija women no dey carry last sha.

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