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Guten tag!

Good day lovely people!

Life has been one big fast ride for me so far. I barely have time to stop and think and take things in. Everything is just moving! I thank God for everything so far and I hope that all the decisions that need to be made and all the things that need to be done will go according to God’s plan – Amen!

Believe it or not, I just got back from Edinburgh after spending 2 weeks. I would usuall blog about Edinburgh or while I was up there but time would not permit. So I have started my classes for my final exams! It is exciting, but obviously, it is an EXAM! They are hardly ever exciting. All the same I can’t wait to finish in May and by his grace I’ll pass in my first sitting in Jesus name – Amen.

If feels like it is all happening in 2012 – I mean, I finish all my professional exams in May which by God’s grace will mean I will be a chartered account and a chartered tax account by September, I have booked my driving test (finally) for the end of May and hopefully I will pass that too at my first attempt (or sometime this year sha) and then I will be getting married in August and also by God’s grace I should get promoted at work as well this year.. the list goes on. Long story short sha is that this year will be filled with testimonies and thanksgiving by his special grace.

So you can see why I have been MIA.

Wedding update:

We have been house searching – that has been really interesting. We have finally narrowed down the area we want to live in, now it is finding the perfect house! Good luck to us. It is just funny thinking that come August I would actually be living with a MAN! Oh boy! LOL – that should be interesting… what was I expecting right?

My day dreams about getting married to my knight in shinning armour (DT) did not prepare me for the fact that we will be living in the same house! I am so going to be SHY! LOL


Hmmm.. before I freak myself out on here… let me go and do my work!

toodles my lovelies


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7 thoughts on “Guten tag!

  1. O to ojo 3… Hian… Welcome back. All the best in your exams, in getting the promotion, house search, wedding preparations and the marriage itself.


  2. Patiently await your thoughts on the married life. Wish you all the best with the exams, and peace within in the upcoming months…

    • LOL! I am patiently awaiting my thoughts on married life as well. I have a feeling I won’t be able to give a good enough view until maybe 2/3 years down the line when the family is completely with one or two bambinos…. watch this space…

      thank you very much!

  3. Goody 2 shoes!! Ur mates are shacking up with the thought of marriage scaring them. Lol!! Don’t mind me. U are a proper omoluabi.

    Thanks for the hug.


  4. LOOL! mehnn.. hmmmm.

    Anytime honey.. xxx

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