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Crazy weekends – How do you make time?

Are there any expert time management experts out there?

Please make yourselves known to me!

I keep on moaning about how I don’t have time and how busy I have been. I will give you an illustration of my busiest weekends yet:

Saturday 1: 6:00am or so, myself and 14 friends from the brunch club (check them out here) were on the train to Paris for a day trip! Oui Oui! It was absolutely fun, we trekked the grounds of the land, had brunch, went sight seeing, on a cruise on one river like this Seine? No idea, can’t remember what it was called and then we had just 25 minutes left to shop – it was some hustling and bustling to get what we could before we returned to London. All in all an awesome but tiring day! I walked into church the next morning like a zombie – literally half asleep LOL but it was worth it and I still enjoyed the service.

Anyway as I was saying….

Sunday 1: Day after Paris was pretty much church and hanging out with family, then I saw DT briefly because I had to rush back to my flat as one of my colleagues was coming over to spend the night at mine (she had a client meeting in London on Monday and my flat is closer to London than her’s). Luckily, he brought me back home so we got to hang out on the journey back. The plan was for him to come and meet my friend and also to please help me take my luggage to London for my trip for the next weekend (see below). We got home and had to host my guest which is fine because she is lovely and she is coming to Nigeria for our wedding! I still can’t believe it. Lol, herself and her boyfriend even bought their tickets before myself and DT!

anyway.. so weekend one came and went and I didn’t get a minute to chill…

Weekend 2 went like this…

Saturday 2: Hung out with DT in the morning and then it was time to jump on the train to Manchester , about 2.5 hours journey, to celebrate my friend’s 25th birthday with her. Got to Manchester in the evening, got changed, joined the party in her living room, saw old friends and then eventually, the party moved to a club. I was so happy because it meant I could stay back at hom alone and catch some sleep as I had to catch my train back to London early the next morning, 8:00am. I got into bed and slept like a baby..

okay I did something cheeky on my journey to Manchester. This man was sitting next to me and being bery disruptive to me. He was talking on the phone really loudly, eating smelly tuna and something baguette that just didnt smell pleasant. I held my breathe till he finished eating knowing the baguette will sha finish one day. Alas! He was very hungry so he bought another tuna and something baguette on the train and I had to endure the sounds and smells of the food while he ate. Then he was charging his phone right by me so there were wires cutting across me. It was just an unpleasant journey becayse he was sitting next to me. Anyway, when we nearly got to manchester, one of the train staff was clearing the rubbish from the seats and Mr Tuna has just left his seat, I assumed he had left. He left all his sandwich wraps and junk on the table, so the staff started clearing the table. There was this tesco plastic bag on the table that was torn and he asked me if it was for me and I said no. I knew it was for the guy, but it was hard to see if it was rubbish in the bag or his valuables so I just shrugged to the man packing the rubbish. A few minutes later, Mr Tuna comes back and was like s*** , please did you see my bag – I told him what happened to the bag so he hurried to find the train man to claim his belongings.  At this point I was cracking up (yes I know I have a lame sense of humour). I cracked up and then I rushed out of the train, just incase he decided to come back and teach me a lesson!

Sunday 2: my phone started to ring at about 2:00am….. my friend’s friend need to enter the flat so she woke me up to let her in… okay that was fine, basically, my sleep that was meant to be sweet and sound was interupted about 4 times by this same lady calling me and asking me to do things…. *sigh* I really don’t know why I kept picking up the phone or why I didn’t turn off my phone. Eventually, it was time for me to wake up and head to the station to catch my train. The journey to London was uneventful. I didn’t go to church on this day because I got back to London after church. The plan was for DT to pick me up when he was done from church then we were to go for V3’s birthday party (V3 from here). We got to V3’s party, it was absolutely awesome, we played games like musical chairs.. and everyone was so into it. I haven’t been to a fun party like that in eons. I had to live the party early because I had to catch a flight to Edinburgh that night… luckily I had planned to fly from an airport close to the party venue so it wasn’t too much of an hassle. My luggage was already in DT’s car. At about 7:30pm, we left the party to go to the airport to catch my flight. Just past 11pm, I arrived in my flat in Edinburgh…

Monday 2: 9:30am – classes begin..

That is a taster of what my weekends are like… I admit they are not all like that but I always have TOO much to do. I am definitely cutting down and downsizing though. For example, last weekend was all about my baby and spending quality time togehter.. I can’t wait to transform my weekends to be more like that..

I love my life and what I do and my friends etc – but sometimes too much wahala and stress in the name of having fun can take its toll on you. I need to control my activities..

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8 thoughts on “Crazy weekends – How do you make time?

  1. You certainly have a busy schedule! m-e-hn! how do you do all that?

    No, am no time management expert…i simply take it one at a time and shelve the events that are not so important to me 😀

  2. I’m no time expert, and like simply me, I just cut back on activities that have me jumping about. But they can be fun sha, like yours 🙂

  3. Darling! You busy bee! Whatever you do, make sure you work hard and play harder!

  4. Now that day trip to France has got me thinking…maybe that will be my next trip 🙂

    My dear catch your fun now o. You think you’ll be jumping like that when marriage happens? I dont think so.

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