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The rare gem

It feels like the world does not give room for appreciating our rare gems. It is nearly too hard to swallow for it.

What are rare gems?

The one thing you have always wanted, for example, finally finding a soul mate, buying that car you saved up for or a house, even wining a shopping spree, getting a promotion at work, realising you sing or have an amazing talent.

Basically, the rare gem is when you have something others do not have. Unfortunately, at the moment you realise that thing, your first emotion is happiness. You are so happy you want to tell the world how amazing your rare gem is. But the world couldn’t care less! You are not exactly thinking about how the world will feel about your rare gem. You naively believe the world would be as happy as you are. The truth couldn’t be further from that.

The world is too busy looking for their own rare gem, but it forgets that one day, it too will find it’s own and would want to gob about it to anyone that would listen – but as the old saying goes, one good turn deserves another. It will be too disappointed to find that no one would care about its amazing find.

Why is this so? Why is appreciating the fruit of your labour, or the product of your toil so hard to digest for the world? Why are they quick to give it names, ‘showing off’, ‘rubbing it in my face’, ‘pride’? It isn’t always the case. In most cases it is just a lucky person, hard worker or someone who has been searching for a long time genuinely happy to find what they have been looking for.

Ofcourse there are still show offs etc, but today is not about them.

My plea to you today is to give people a chance. When someone is happy about something great that has happened to them, let’s be happy with them and forget ourselves for some time. Chances are soon it will be the person’s turn to be happy for you. Don’t be happy in their presence and speak about them negatively in their absence. It hurts!

But I know happiness will definitely come to those who genuinely appreciate and celebrate happiness.

Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “The rare gem

  1. I know what you mean…

  2. I feel you sister,and the bible says we should rejoice with those that rejoice…. it all boils down to bad belly and Phd syndrome. That is why, i have learnt to rejoice quietly inside my room. If it is something that cannot be hidden, i had learnt to plaster an indifference look on my face….control my excitement…because, i know the type of environment i live in.

    It is well..and i rejoice with you for finding your own rare gem.

    God bless

  3. Love it!!

  4. I am feeling you dear. Its almost like get what you give.

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