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Happy 3rd birthday to my blog

3 years and over 17,000 hits later, here we are… is 3! Wooopee…

So what shall I blog about today…

How about I invite other bloggers to my 3rd blog birthday party?

Don’t get too excited, what I mean by ‘invite over’ is to discuss other bloggers briefly today…

When I started blogging, I didn’t think anyone would be interested in what I had to say. It was meant to be my not so secret diary, just some where to scream and shout and just vent. It is still the same to me today but a lot more, because I feel like I am part of a blog family. Let me rephrase that – what I mean is, I feel like I have blog-friends. People that gist me regularly without realising they are gisting me.. (lol basically by blogging, you are gisting me) and people that spur me on by reading what  I have to say and sharing their thoughts about my thoughts…

Its been an interesting 3 years (not too long I know.. but longer than I thought I would keep at it for). I have come across some interesting but abandoned blogs, I wish I had started blogging before the blogger abandoned it so I could encourage them to keep writing – not like that would make a difference. There have been people who have gone on a blog break and thankfully come back and there are people who are currently on a blog break and I am hoping they will return (Pretty Lashes and Naija mum *hint hint*).

I am not really making a lot of sense – all you need to know is this:

I appreciate my followers

I appreciate those who read my blog

I appreciate those who comment on my blog

and I appreciate those who blog as well…

Happy 3rd birthday to Angelsbeauty… xxx

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15 thoughts on “Happy 3rd birthday to my blog

  1. Three years no be beans. Well done.

  2. Happy Birthday Angel’s Beauty….
    You’ve brought so much joy to my heart.
    I’m grateful for friends like you..

    I apologize for going AWOL…
    all the best now and always.
    in honour of your 3rd birthday I think we should try this recipe I came across

    Mille Bisous

  3. HORAAAAY! happy blog-bday. More inspiration to your fingertips *clicks champagne glass*

    And thank you also for reading and commenting in my blog…much appreciated.

  4. “Happy Birthday” hunnie!!! Lol!! 3 years is no joke o. post after post after post! Well done!

  5. Happy happy birthday.

    Omo you have tried. 3 YEARS???? I hope I last that long

  6. Happy birthday to you!

  7. Musings of an overwhelmed Naija Mum on said:

    Happy 3rd birthday to you dear, 3 years of blogging is no easy feat.

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