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Calypso Madness / tunezz

Hello lovely people! So as usual, instead of studying.. or shall I say whilst I was multitasking (studying and thinking), I remembered those summer days in Nigeria (summer meaning it was not raining) when my dad would take us to Ikoyi club or to the beach to spend the afternoon running around, swimming, riding donkeys as the case maybe. Those days were fun!

However, what I remembered in particular was my dad’s taste in music as we would be listening to his cds in the car on our way to wherever we were going. In those days, he absolutely loved calypso music – so much so that when I remember the 90s, all I can remember is calypso tunes and some lyrics. I found myself humming to this song called ‘this is madness’. I remembered some of the lyrics (I am quite proud of myself..) and decided to google it to see if I could find the song on youtube. The artist is called The Mighty Sparrow.

Another song I remembered is called Mama look a boo boo by Harry Belafonte.

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4 thoughts on “Calypso Madness / tunezz

  1. Musings of an overwhelmed Naija Mum on said:

    Parents have such strong influence in our lives, even where we don’t expect it. My dad loved Sunny Ade and bought all his albums and CDs, I grew up with Sunny Ade’s music.Fast forward to last year when I was on near Broad street, I caught myself buying one of his CDs when I heard it playing. I couldn’t help it!

  2. LOL – they really have a strong influence on their children!

  3. OMG!! I love, love, love calypso and I remember mama look at boo boo!! Is that the one that starts with “I wonder why nobody no like me, or is it the fact that I’m ugly” LOL!! and guess what?! It was my dad that made me like calypso too. Sundays after church, ray power played non stop calyspo on our way home. Lovely lovely memories. Hopefully I’ll get to play the videos later.


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