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Tick tock goes the clock….

I am doing what I do best – counting down!!!

I am aware I am always counting down and it could come across like I am wishing days and time away but I promise myself that I am enjoying or at least trying to enjoy the days that lead up to events…. hmmmm… I wouldn’t want to be like Adam Sandler in the movie ‘Click’ now would I?


19 days till my final exam

Let me explain….

I started this journey to becoming a chartered tax accountant and a chartered accountant September 2009. I remember then thinking about all of the exams I had to pass, 14 to be exact. The numerous trips to Edinburgh for classes and exams, my numerous blog posts about exam anxiety, my tears and frustration and here I am.. and to God’s glory.. I am 19 days away from my very final exam! The ultimate case study…

.. to those wondering about my last mock.. once again baba God did his thing.. 😉 I passed.. got 70%.. lol no idea how but I am not complaining. I just pray God will continue to be with me even as I write the final exam. All this one na mock.. it is the final exam that counts! I pray that the good Lord grants me wisdom, knowledge and understanding like he always has.. just that this time, I have a target.. it is a secret for now. If I meet this target then you all shall hear the testimony in June. Watch this space!


34 days till my driving test

I really don’t know why I have booked my test for this date.. I mean I will only have 15 days to practice before the real test and I obviously won’t be having lessons everyday. I just might change this date. It will be nice to be able to drive and have my independence though… *sigh* watch this space…

DT keeps asking me what car I want and honestly.. I want a mini cooper.. lol or a nicely curvey Audi, maybe a TT – who am I kidding.. lol there is no way I am getting either of those two.. so I might just go for the good old Nissan Micra, or a toyota something. I don’t know jare. I just want something that is safe to drive and will get me from home to work and vice versa. Any tips?


thirty six days till my wedding dress arrives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe it! I need to applaud myself for being so patient, I mean we paid the deposit for the dress in January and finally I get to see my OWN dress and try it on for fit in 36 days *excited screams*. I have spent the last couple of weeks wondering what my reaction would be. What if I try it on and realise I hate it?!! There is no refund for wedding dresses – well at least not in the bridal shop I am using. I look at the picture of my dress everyday and imagine myself in it, imagine myself walking down the aisle in it, wondering how I will pack my hair, what my make up will look like, what dance moves will look good in the dress, what shoes will be perfect for the dress – name it, I have thought about it. So I get to see my beauty in 36 days – I really hope the bridal shop won’t call me and tell me the dress is delayed. Although I will welcome the news of my dress arriving earlier……

My bridesmaids dresses also arrive in June, not sure when though.. but June will be filled with loads of fittings and excited shrieks..

..countdowns to be continued

However… further developments

So there has been a change of plans for our honeymoon destination… *sigh* I was actually disappointed we won’t be going to Hawaii anymore because the logistics didn’t work out, especially as we only have limited time to holiday… the travel time there isn’t going to work for us.  So…… we are just going to have to keep looking and hopefully decide on where and book by the end of next month…….. hmmmmmmmmmmm.. at this rate I don’t care where we go anymore.. who knows.. we could end up in Obudu cattle ranch, Ireland, Wales… Ijebu (jokes) – anywhere as long as DT is there!

To sum it up, in 20 days I will be free to plan our wedding and my folks and his folks will stop walking on egg shells around me trying not to distract me. They are very welcome to hit me with the details in 20 days..  I shall be ready! Regardless of hoe involved I’ll try to be in the planning, I still feel like I will feel like the brides on the tv programme ‘Don’t tell the bride’.

They have been really supportive and have assured me I have double prayers coming my way. It is kind of nice having 2 families who love you and pray for you. However, there is obviously more pressure now.. I can’t disappoint them both, but I do not intend to, by God’s grace!

Have a lovely weekend!


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17 thoughts on “Tick tock goes the clock….

  1. This year is really really loaded for you. Everything will go well in Jesus name

  2. So glad everything is going great!
    Stay happy!
    All the best in your final exams and driving test! You can do this! 🙂
    Would be praying for you!..x

  3. Best wishes dearie, God will definitely see you through to the end.

  4. Musings of an overwhelmed Naija Mum on said:

    Wow! I don’t know how you manage to juggle so many major events at the same time! Kudos to you. All the best in your exams and driving test

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  6. All the best in your exams… And also thanks for your comment on my recent post. It is really appreciated. 😉

  7. Everything will surely work out fine 🙂

  8. U this girl!! U’ll come back and testify about everything, I know. God loves you and He shows it.


  9. Woohoo!!!
    Congratulations on the succeesses and best of luck on the coming exams!

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