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Ms Tizzles – ELEVENS

ME again!

I haven’t done my blog rounds yet 😦 so I have only just found out that Ms Tizzle also tagged me in the ELevens… more information about c’est moi! Here it goes!

1. A world without laughter or a world without music? A world without music my dear… laughter is like music to my ears. If I had to do without one it will be music.

2. What did you ever taste, assumed you wouldn’t like and eventually did? humus and Nairn’s oat cake biscuit yum yum savoury snack.

3. If you won £10,000 tonight what would you do with it? I will put £5,000 in an ISA account (tax-free account). £2,000 will go to my current account. £500 will go to my church. £500 will go to each of my brothers (I have two brothers). £500 will go towards changing my work outfit wardrobe. The remaining £1,000 will go to my parents. PS: what is mine is DT’s so the ISA and current account we go share am.

4. Who/what made you start blogging? I moved to Reading into a one bed room flat with no friends but work in Reading. HAd so many thoughts in my head and rants I wanted to share with friends, but I already told them too many things and felt like I was beginning to become a broken record so I started blogging, thinking no one would ever read it.. but alas you are reading :)!

5. What was the first mobile phone you has? Alcatel something. I don’t remember the brand but what I know is I never found someone else with the same phone so I always felt cool. This was back in 2002 I think.

6. What is your idea of a perfect date? A well thought out date is my idea of a perfect date. Proof that he has made an effort.. and thought about the fact that a date should be somewhere we will have fun but at the same time get to know each other better, somewhere we can hear ourselves speak, not a cinema.. cinema’s are not allowed until at least the 7th date I just came up with that number.

7. What is the craziest thing you have done this year? I had a go at my colleague at business school (in Edinburgh) because I realised he has the tendency of ignoring women when we work in groups.. or maybe just ignoring people generally. So I told him what I felt about his attitude in class and made it clear it wasn’t cool. I know it isn’t exactly crazy but it isn’t professional either especially when my display was on the grounds of the institute. Luckily, the teacher was not in class during my outburst and I didn’t even know she wasn’t there.

8. What 2 quotes or words of wisdom have made the greatest impact on your life? The grass is greener where you water it and Pray Until Something Happens.

9. Fame or Fortune? Fortune mehn! I will rather be a rich nobody.. in fact it is even better.. just live as close to a normal life as possible without unnecessary serereren.

10. What is your love language? All except giving gifts. I will accept gifts but I don’t really associate it with love. I respond most to words of affirmation and quality time and physical touch and acts of service.. lol like I said.. 4 but gifts.

11. If fruits described us what would you be? I would say I am a red grape. Generally sweet but you never know until you bite into it and it is too late whether you have picked a sweet or sour time (a good or bad mood). However, the texture of the fruit is good enough for you to keep chewing away….

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6 thoughts on “Ms Tizzles – ELEVENS

  1. You. Are such. A random person…

  2. LOL! I get that all the time! Either people say I am random or I am weird!

  3. LOL!! I think u kind of got carried away with the red grape. Loving ur answers hunnie. Thanks for playing. Mmmmwah!!

  4. onyii on said:

    Been reading through, really interesting,I see you are planning a wedding too, good luck with that. 🙂

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