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The double dip


So the news today from the UK leaders is this – The UK is in a double dip recession. Actually, they say the double deep is deeper than initially thought. Investopedia explains a double dip as  “when gross domestic product (GDP) growth slides back to negative after a quarter or two of positive growth. A double-dip recession refers to a recession followed by a short-lived recovery, followed by another recession.”Basically, a worst case scenario.

I am sure you are wondering why I am giving you Economics lessons… it is simple because the recession has finally hit close to home. Remember how I have been whining that I haven’t had a lot of work to do at work and there just isn’t enough work coming in. I just wasn’t making noise and being a drama queen. I got back from work yesterday and literally cried on DT’s shoulders because I was just fed up of going to work and doing not a lot and literally trying to find stuff to do. Also, the atmosphere at work hasn’t exactly been great either. Too much trepidation in the air and the vibe I was getting is people were just clutching on to whatever piece of work they could get and nothing was filtering down like it should. So people like me at the near bottom of the food chain were scrambling for work. I actually felt like a stray dog begging from bone crumbs. One minute I feel really angry and another I feel scared. I feel angry because I feel like work should be provided, I mean that is why they employ me, to do the work they give me and if there is none I cannot exactly work. Then I feel scared because I’m like “hey – surely I am overpaid to be sitting and doing nothing”. Plus despite the fact people know the economy is down and there isn’t a lot on at the moment, they still make you feel nervous about the fact you have no work as if they themselves have any. Finally, more fear arose from the feeling of being a team player. I should be assisting with bringing more work in. However, my understanding of how things worked were was my level in the office is too low to bring in new work. So where does that leave me? Helpless and moaning!

The inevitable happened today though – they let some people go on provisional redundancy. It was sad, very sad and demoralising. But they had to do what they had to do. I am still employed.. as at least as of now. Who knows what tomorrow holds. I guess I will have to sleep and wake up to find out.

Another thing that is getting to me about this recession is I am tired of hearing debates about it. If what are meant to be the most intelligent people cannot get us out of this recession with their elaborate plans and strategy. Let them leave us alone. Leave the market to find its way out of it. With this whole issue with Germany and Greece and the Euro currency sef – I can’t shout any more!

On a separate note, I need to begin to consider what I really want to do in this life. I thought I had it all mapped out but I have learnt the hard way that nothing is personal in business. When they are looking to cut costs, there is no, my friend my friend, all na what do you cost? how much are you bringing in? etc etc..

With that I say good night – If you have a job, thank God for it and hold on to it as long as you can. If you have been made redundant as a result of this unfortunate recession, I hope and pray that you find another job soon.

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7 thoughts on “The double dip

  1. Sigh… It will be well. Whatever happens look to God, his will is always perfect, even when we don’t understand it

  2. Wow! Na wa oooo. All I know is that the loss of a job isn’t the end of the world. Thank God you still have yours.

    I pray that this doesn’t hit Nigeria ooo. We are already underemployed enough.

  3. Willow on said:

    Why worry yourself unnecessarily? You know your worth, just put your trust in God and he will perfect what he has started.

  4. My dear, the news about recession is truly depressing especially for us who are yet to be employed.
    Just keep doing your best. Maybe your sincerity is why your employers value you (you are not acting like life is hunky-dory when you dont have enough to do). God dey!

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