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Not so anonymous afterall

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I feel like an ostrich, hiding my head in the sand with my whole torso in view;

At least this is a good effort for a mere animal

It’s face cannot be seen, as such it can go unidentified as it’s torso is similar to its peers

 I, on the other hand have just been covering my eyes with my head in full light

 Pretending that no one knows who I am, makes blogging more fun

I know they do, but I keep blogging and hoping they won’t tell me

 For starters, my cousin told me her friend reads my blogs… how she made the connection I have no idea

My friend, told me his friend reads my blog, how she also made the connection to my friend I have no idea

I have also in my excitement sent emails to bloggers with my real email address

I noticed this blunder and created an email address for this blog but still…in the name of gist and budding new friendships I have disclosed my identity

Then the almighty twitter… which my handle is partly my name and partly my surname

I love this handle so  much because I got to it first, before another person with my name

So I don’t want to lose it and running two twitter handles is a full-time job I do not intend on embarking on 

That, my friends, is my predicament. I am not anonymous…

SNM, Pretty Lashes, Hitnrunmullings, and other lovely bloggers know who I am

I am not bothered or worried though…

It only means one thing,

I will have to censor what I blog about in the future

Enough of the too private details.. LOL

Hopefully, my blog will retain its characterat least enough of it to make you lovely people keep reading! 



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10 thoughts on “Not so anonymous afterall

  1. Eeya sorry o. you have nothing to fear, its not like your blog is a scandalous one, anyway.

    In the mean time, my next project is to find your true identity. *evil grin*

  2. LOL – thank God it isn’t scandalous. I would have been looking for somewhere to hide right about now! LOL good luck with that. It isn’t very hard sha.. lol xx

  3. Willow on said:

    No shaking! Ur blog is very okay jor!

  4. I agree. Your blog is civil so you have no need to worry.
    Just keep some really personal things to yourself

  5. Yeah, anonymity will have to come to an end one day, and it looks like that day has finally come. Treat it as another phase and keep blogging. You’ll figure it out jare!

  6. Pele. But you shouldnt worry much cos I’m sure if your blog was scandalous they would have let you know by now.

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