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So what happened?


I failed my driving test!This is how the story unfolds. 

 I was picked up from my office this afternoon after lunch by my driving instructor to go for my test. Everything was going okay. We had a quick practice and it seemed fine. I made a few mistakes but nothing ridiculously worrying.  So we get to the test centre, when I saw the lady that was going to be testing my driving, I already knew I had to give it my best and make minimum mistakes. So 5 minutes after leaving the test centre, I stalled the car. Nothing too serious, I carried on without much ado.

She asked me to do a reverse into the left road manoeuver which is the one manoeuver I dreaded. I did it anyway and it was okay. Then I stalled the car again. My this time I was getting agitate.  Bare in mind I hardly ever stalled during my lessons. Anyway, I was convinced I had already failed but carried on anyway.  So it was the part of the test where I had to do individual driving .i.e. she tells me where to go in advance and I drive according to her instructions. The first set of instructions were okay, I managed to drive okay according to her instructions. However, the next set of instructions, I got to this junction that looked like a roundabout and she asked me to turn right. I then proceeded to turn right like I am going around a round about – ALAS.. I was driving in the wrong direction.  

She tells me to park and said I was in the completely wrong place, basically I was driving in the wrong direction. As I parked, I started to cry! LOL I know it sounds silly. I had just had a really crappy day at work, the atmosphere at work has been stressful and I had already had a quick cry at work because of that (I know I cry a lot and no I did not cry in the office, I cried in the toilet). I really wanted something to go right today, like to pass this test so I could be happy today but that was not meant to happen.

I already knew I failed the test so I asked her to direct me back to the test centre.  She then tells me she can’t do that and I can either complete the test or walk to the test centre. I did not know my way back and I knew it was a long walk so I just sat there. Then she asked me what I wanted to do. I told her I obviously don’t have a choice I have to keep driving. She said I have a choice. In my mind I was like you want me to drive abi, don’t worry, I will drive you today (inspired by mstizzles post about driving to the police station lol).

 So I started driving and speeding on purpose which made her uncomfortable. She then started telling me to stop and eventually stepped on her brake pedals. I think by this time she realised I wasn’t reasoning properly, especially as I was still crying! LOL gosh I am such a baby. In her wisdom, she declared the test completed and proceeded to direct me back to the test centre. I should say I drove carefully this time round. She then said it was not the end of the world. Of course I know it is not the end of the world, but it was a very wrong day to fail the test because my day was already going not so well plus a wasted half day off work!  

My driving instructor drove me back home, I was quiet all through the drive home.  Let’s just say this may be the end of our over a year partnership. Time to find someone to help me pass. You may say it is not his fault but I will never know till I try someone else.

So that’s me! Failed my first attempt of my driving test. I shall book another test soon.. not the end of the world.. life goes on. On the positive side, I now know what a driving test feels like.

And finally, on a lighter note, finally have work to do *dancing* logged on to my work laptop to meet loads of emails of to-dos.

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20 thoughts on “So what happened?

  1. Eeya sorry oh, it will be better next time.

    I think you overreacted sha. Maybe if u completed the test normally, instead of freaking the woman out, maybe you wouldn’t as failed as you assumed, just maybe

    • on said:

      I know right! I acted irrationally. But there was no point I had failed at that time. Next time I’ll be more composed 🙂

  2. My sister from another mister, don’t cry o! It’s a process mehn, you know what to expect next time now, look at it this way, things can only get better!!!!!

    I’m sorry, I know I’ve laughed before but I cant stop LOLing at you speeding when you were driving, the woman must have been thinking “what kind of wahala is this oooo, who sent me to pick this girl today to test her? It be like say she wan kill me today” (Its all love really 🙂 )

    Are you sure you want a new instructor? You’re test ready now, different nstructors have different ways o, better don’t confuse ourself even further. You’re at the last lap, my advise would be to stick it out with him.

  3. Willow on said:

    Eyah! I know driving lessons over there don’t come cheap,but it’s not the end of the world. Thank God for Office work, See, every cloud has its silver lining.

  4. Its okay to cry.
    At least you can look back and smile.
    If its any consolation…I failed mine twice.
    The first time, I was speeding.
    The second time, I tried to overtake another car…LOL
    (I was driving in Nigeria before I came over so I still had some ‘gangsta’ driving moves I brought over from Lagos) LOL

  5. I also failed my first driving test, it was parallel parking that did me in though 🙂 Take it easy, OK? Next time will def be better.

  6. Eeya… pele. Like Myne said, you’ll do better the next time.

  7. Looolll!! My friiiiend… Sorry hunnie 😦 Someone gave a testimony in my notts church about finally passing his driving test after 7 attempts so relax ehn, you’ll be fine. And PLEASE that is not the kind of post you draw inspiration from o. See you making me look bad now. *thumbs down jo*

  8. So sorry to hear about this..but i trust that the 2nd time around you will drive like a pro. Everybody i know had to do it more than once so do forgive yourself.
    Meanwhile as you drive the woman dey go, wetin dey ya mind? lol!!

  9. Girrrrl, I read this and I was cackling out loud like a chicken being prepped to be killed!! It actually gave me an idea for a blog post. Thanks!!

    I pray that the second time around will give promising results.

  10. LOLLOL I pray so too as the second time is soon!

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