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Short notices

Thank you for your comments on my last blog. I can officially say I am over it now and I have booked my next test for July.. better luck next time 🙂


I have been thinking of adding a line to my blog. I read a lot of books when I can. I am meant to be reading les miserables with SNM – actually I was hoping to finish reading first but I just haven’t had time plus I am reading this other book – out of the shadow by Susan Lewis. Anyway, what I am trying to tell you is I am looking to start a book club! The idea is I read my books as I would normally and then I’ll review them from my point of view on the blog. How it will work out I am not so sure yet but if you are an avid book read, watch this space. Oh and please feel free to recommend books for me to read, I promise to read most of them. But if they are boring.. am I allowed to say it was boring so I didn’t complete it? LOL


Saturday is my first dress fitting. I AM EXCITED!!!! Speaking of which, I need to remember to go with my shoes and see how they look together. It better look gorgeous heheheheeheehhe.. *sigh*


We also have a long weekend this weekend. Thanks to the Queen’s diamond jubilee, tomorrow is my last day in the office till Wednesday! AMAZING! Looking forward to a fun filled weekend and I hope it doesn’t rain!


I am trying to take up photography.. but no one wants to be my muse! I love being photographed, call me vain or whatever but I love pictures!! Anyway, when I eventually get to take pictures I am proud of, not of me but of things or people, I will share them with you and you will be more than welcome to critic them!


Finally today is my brother’s birthday! I wish you the best things in life, long life and prosperity. Love you bro!


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8 thoughts on “Short notices

  1. S. Tee on said:

    Yay to dress fittings!!! Hope it goes well. Tres excited for you. I think that’s the part if wedding planning that I would enjoy the most. I just love clothes/shopping. (Sigh) 😀

  2. Yaay @ fitting
    Beefing @ long weekend
    Eyeing you @ Les Miserables it is a great book, loads of stuff to learn.
    As for your last post… If I were to tell you and point at the people I know that have failed tests in the UK, you will be proud of yourself. Sorry about it though, it was an experience you can definitely learn from 😉

  3. Enjoy the dress fitting
    Tip: Take pictures so you can think of which hairstyles to go with it
    My Jubilee weekend has started – Glass of wine in hand right now :)))))

    • Hmmmm! Thank you! I took pictures, that was a useful tip BUT I forgot to take my shoes and something else they need for the fitting so I have to go back with them on friday.

  4. Enjoy your dress fitting 🙂 I think that will be the only exciting part of my wedding preparation. Finding The Dress!

    Wish i could participate in the book review/club but it takes me about a month to get through one book nowadays. no time!!!

    Yay to a long weekend. Queen Eliza may you live longer. Hope its beautiful for you.

    • Lol Queen Eliza is a strong old woman!

      Enjoy it o, but give yourself plenty of time too and when you make up your mind, try not to change because there are loadssss of beautiful dresses out tthere!

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